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A day in the life of an Adult bABy

Thai Adult bABy nursery has been around for a long time now, started in 2003 by bABy Bunnykins and his mummy wife. It has evolved over the years and has moved a few times but is now settle in a lovely town of Surin, which during November every year has the elephant parada.

There a places to see and things to do. There are water parks, lagoons, parks and childrens play parks where you can play on the slides and more.

The nursery is fully equiped with a cot and a rocking cradle where baby sleeps and takes naps during the day. There is a high chair for eating in and a playpen for playing in while mummy and nanny are busy or eating there food.

The playpen is full of toys both soft and building boxes, bABy can enjoy choose what he/she wants to play with. Dolls, teddies or boys toys.

bABy can be taken out shopping, visiting places dressed as a bABy boy/girl and being controlled by a bABy harness. If bABy is to shy to go out dressed as a bABy, then he/she can go out in vaniller clothes with a nappy/diaper on under. We let the baby choose what they want to do and where they want to go.

There is a breastfeeding service available for a small fee, but it is only dry feeding as the lady doesn't have milk. Sorry but we are always on the look out for a milk supply.

What a day can look like

7 - 8am Wake up aand nanny checks bABies nappy/diaper and changes as needed

8am breakfast in the high chair.

9am bath time and dressed, nappy/diaper time, ready for the day.

10am play in the playpen while mummy and nanny clean up and wash the nappies/diapers etc.

11am activities such as story telling, playing, cuddling, breastfeeding or what ever experience bABy wants for the day and nappy check and change if needed.

12.30 Lunch time, bABy is put in the high chair and has a bib put on and fed.

1pm put down for an afternoon nap after nappy/diaper check and change as needed

2.30pm get baby up and changed and bathed if needed.

3pm play outside on the swing and rocking horse or outing into town or activity as arranged.

6pm home for a bath and nappy/diaper change and ready for bed.

7pm story time and play time in the playpen

8pm tucked up in the cot or cradle for the night.

10pm Nanny checks baby and give night time bottle. Changes nappy if needed.

During the day there will be other things happening, bottle feeding and nappy/diaper checks while baby is playing or on an outing.

This is only a suggested plan, we will work with you to create the experience that you desire.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the nursery.

bABy Bunnykins

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