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A theory of an Adult Baby's Nursery

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

All AB’s crave the trappings of a real baby but this is an expensive project but one well worth doing if you can afford.

Now what do we need in a nursery?

For me personally, I felt the need for a full size baby cot with a drop side just like in my childhood.

This was the first item I bought, and there is a story behind it too. When my mummy and I approached a carpenter in Thailand to build one, they didn’t listen to our instructions and when they arrived to deliver the cot, it was fixed and not able to be dismantled. We asked for it to be able to pull apart. Oh well they made a second one which is what is at the nursery today.

The second item we had made was a highchair, this turned out really well and we are still using it in the nursery.

After that we decided that a playpen was important as mummy couldn’t keep an eye on me all the time while in the kitchen. This was made very well and in use today.

The next item for the AB Nursery was a full baby harness to keep baby secure in the highchair and when going out on visits. This in my opinion is a most essential part of keeping a bABy controlled.

We bought a rather large cement mixing plastic bowl to use as a baby bath which gives a sense of babyhood.

A large selection of baby cloths, both boys and girls, babies don’t know there sex and thus are dressed by mummy in the fashion she sees fit.

Extras are a cradle to rock baby to sleep and a baby swing where the baby is secured by being surrounded so as not to fall out, and a rocking horse to entertain baby while mummy does the washing or cooking.

And of course a large selection of baby toys and books for stories.

And we must not forget the stroller to take baby out to the water park and other activities.

What we also need is to paint the nursery in soothing colours and beautiful motives on the wall to keep the bABy amused. Some of the different themes are, Animals, Traffic/cars, Trucks and lorries, Fire engines and police cars, Spaceships and stars, Hello Kitty, My little pony, Smurfs, and whatever is your favorite theme. I love Noddy.

And one more very important item to reinforce babyhood. The potty.

The psychology of an AB's nursery is absolutely dependent on both the parent's and babies inner needs.

We need to look at the psychology of an adult baby and this give a good idea of what is going to be in the nursery.

What type of bABy do you have?

Sweet loving baby that is clingy and needs mummy attention all the time.

A husband/wife that you have decided isn’t and adult and you are going to revert them back to babyhood.

Is the baby's inner-self a crawling infant, a toddler or a preschooler?

Does he or she need to be diapered every night or would training pants suffice?

Does baby need to be spoon-fed his din-din?

Does baby eat baby food at night?

Is baby in disposables or cloth diapers?

Does he or she need a night time bottle and does he/she wake up at night for a bottle?

Does he or she have a collection of baby toys that baby likes to play with on the floor?

Does baby have a bed time story read to him/her before he/she goes to sleep?

Do you breastfeed your baby and need an extra-large rocking chair?

Do you love singing lullabies to your baby or does baby have a collection of lullaby tapes or CDs?

Do you use hypnosis tapes to train your baby and transform him/her?

Is baby a happy, go-lucky sort who is overactive and needs to be calmed down or is the baby depressive and needs to be cheered up?

Is baby naughty or good?

Or is baby playful or withdrawn?

How far are you, as the baby's caregiver, willing to go to care for your baby?

Do you have a wife that merely wants to be diapered and cuddled like a baby, or do you have a husband who wets or messes his pants when he comes home from work? Is your hubby a sissy who wants to wear baby dresses in addition to diapers, or do you have a doting baby boy who loves to suckle at his mommy's teats?

If you are a wife, do you merely tolerate his infantile desires and want to put him into a nursery so you won't have to look at your diapered husband, or do you feel so maternal with him that you’re willing to make him your permanent baby?

Are you angry with your husband and wish to humiliate him and give him the treatment that he begs for and dress him in humiliating baby doll clothes, or do you leave him alone to his own devices?

Every AB is different and expresses their need to return to the time of innocence and unconditional love in his or her own way.

So too does each parent have his or her limitations or needs. Each one of these questions has a direct bearing on your baby's nursery design, decoration and furnishings.

Come for a day, a week, a fortnight or even a month

Need AB clothing, when you come to the nursery we can make to your desire

bABy Bunnykins

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