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A True Story by bABy Bunnykins

Its starts back in the 90's, I was living in my own home in the Adelaide hills. I had been an Adult bABy since I was 10 or 11 and had craved the love of a mummy, which was and still isn't easy to find.

Well I heard about this mistress that would have AB's in her control and I went to meet her and have a session, it didn't really go well because I'm not really into the bondage and pain in the way that she envisaged the day would go.

But she had a young woman that she was training and she put me in her care and allowed her to be my nanny and this was fantastic. I would book a day with her and we would decide on going somewhere. Now she didn't drive but I have a small van, so I would pick her up and we would go to fun parks etc.

One day she suggested going to see a movie I had told her I wanted to see. Nanny told me to pick her up at 10am and we would drive out of town. I don't remember now where it was, I just remember the details of the day.

So 10am, I arrived at her house, she came out and told me to come in. Inside the house she stripped me down and put me down on the couch. going through my nappy bag she pulled out a huge nappy and folded it in the kite shape and told me to lift up my bottom. I was a bit slow and she gave me a slight tap on the thigh to hurry me up. After pinning my nappy on, she put on a pair of nursery print plastic pants which she made sure all my nappy cloth was tucked in and safe from wetting my clothes. After telling me what a cute baby I am, she got out a nursery print onesie and put that on me buttoning up in the crotch area, standing me up she turned me around and marvelled at the sight telling me what a cute baby I was and cuddling me. She then went into my nappy bag and pulled out a pair of pink baby corduroy overalls and had me step into them and she transformed me into a huge toddler. Pinning my dummy to my strap on the overalls she looked me up and down and smiled. You look so cute and again hugging me.

Now we were ready to leave, holding my hand picking up the nappy bag, nanny leads me out of the house to the van. I take out my keys and we both get in and heading off.

We arrive at the shopping centre where the cinema is and nanny decides we need to go into the David Jones Department store and particularly the baby section (incedently my favorite section) and walk around picking out outfits and putting them up against me to see how I would look wearing them. I was excited and scared and humble as we were doing this, then she grabbed my hand and led me to the cinema and sat me down at the table in the restaurant area.

Nanny put a bib around my neck and bought some food and tickets for the movie and came back. Putting the food in front of me, I went to start eating when she smacked my hand and said babies don't feed themselves and sitting down next to me proceeded to feed me, there were plenty of other people there but no one took any notice and nann always said, "If anyone asks I will tell them you are disabled and that you are only 2 years old mentally. LOL

After finishing the food, it was time to check my nappy before going into the cinema, nanny takes off my bib and picks up the nappy bag and leads me by the hand to the baby change room and took me into a cubicle and changed my nappy. When we came out there was a woman and a child, she just looked and smiled and we left.

Nanny then led me to the cinema and we took our seat near the back. the movie started and nanny took out my dummy and placed it in my mouth and put my head in her lap. she stroked my head and cooed to me gently then 1/2 way through the movie she statred feeding me my bottle, all of a sudden a couple that were there with there children the mother turned around and saw us, she just looked and then turned away. No reaction.

Again at the end of the movie nanny took me to the change room and changed me, then we drove back to her home and she invited me in to play on the floor with her 3 year old son.

All of a suddent 3 men walked throught the living room we were sitting on the floor playing with toys, passing through each said hello and walk into the bedroom. The were musicians in a band.

After a while I had to go home, I paid nanny for the fantastic day and she made sure I was dry and then sent me home. It was a totally awesome day. I will write another story from an adventure we had later.

This is s true bABy Bunnykins story.

If you wish to come to our nursery please look at the prices and book a time. We welcome

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