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Adult bABy realism Act like one

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

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As adult babies, some find it difficult to get into the head space that is only a mental block given us by conditioning that we are now too old to be a baby and must grow up. Rubbish I say. So now I am going to give you 15 ways to act like a baby and get into the headspace. Good luck.

1. Crying like a baby

All babies cry when they need something especially if you are between the ages of 0 and 1 pre-verbal. So you need to cry when you are hungry, thirsty or tired and cry loudly and as often as possible. When you wet or dirty your nappy, when you dummy falls out of your mouth, you fall over and even when you are bored, cry and cry and cry.

· Vary the types of cries you have, whining and wailing at the top of your lungs will release your emotions then reduce the sound to a more subtle softer cry/sob until you get your mummy/daddy's attention. Once they go back to their other activities cry again loudly.

· Crying is a fantastic way of relieving stress as according to research, crying releases stress hormones through the tear ducts and endorphin production is triggered and this results in a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. So go ahead and have a good cry. Mummy/daddy will love it.

2. Babies love to speak but in the beginning, they can only babble and they can do it constantly. So stop talking and start babbling to get into your baby space. Try reducing your words down to things like dada mama goo goo gaa gaa and imagine you can’t speak and are learning. It takes practice but you can do it.

· When you hear your caregiver talking to you, try to repeat but as babble as if you are trying to work out how to speak and from this, you can always start crying if your caregiver doesn’t show much attention to you.

· Between the ages of 3 and 6 months babies will start putting together their first sounds like words such as bababa mamama dadada and by the age of 2 most toddlers have acquired a vocabulary of 50 words and put together small sentences. They also have the ability to understand many many more words.

3. Another great way of getting into baby space is to sing. Sing simple melodies and infant songs like you were sung to as a baby. Learn the tunes and hum them to yourself, don’t worry if you can’t sing them as you are only a baby and you can make up your own babble words for the real words.

· Singing nursery rhymes such as Mary had a little lamb, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle, little star. You can get yourself a doll that plays songs or other toys and sing along to them. Go onto YouTube and listen to the baby songs on there. There are so many channels on YouTube to watch.

4. Play Time. Babies love to play and spend hours when not crying playing with toys, some are musical, others are for building with but babies love sounds so anything can become a toy for babies, pots and pans, cardboard boxes and toilet rolls. A lot of toys have mirrors because babies find them mesmerizing. Just use your imagination, it is limitless.

· Pre language babies are inquisitive and try to work out as much of the universe as they can touch, hear, sea and taste. They will pick things up and put them straight in their mouths, they will feel its texture and look at it and bang it on the ground to hear sounds. At this stage they are learning as much as playing, later as you grow a little older you will actually start playing by building towers with blocks or making up stories but that is for the older toddler stage.

· At this stage it’s about exploring, so start by imagining this is the first time you have seen the object and have a sense of bewilderment and awe. Find your baby space mind.

5. Feel amazed and confused at everything. When you are in your baby space, its important to be in a childish state of mind, you see everything from a state of wonderment, everything is new and you are experiencing it for the first time. Just sit and look at the items for a long time, don’t try to analyze them, see them and just look. Pick up an item and stare at it trying to work out what it is. Find your toes and fingers and be amazed by them, kick your feet and roll around on the floor practice getting up on our elbows as if to stand up but can’t. The idea is to trick yourself into believing you are a baby and thus become closer to being one.

6. Babies sleep a lot so acting like a baby gives you the opportunity to sleep more and relax as well. Babies tend to sleep between 8 and 18 hours a day, but newborn babies sleep very lightly and haven’t learnt the difference between day and night yet so are in and out of sleep often especially as they need more feeding time and changing time. As they grow older they sleep less. If you are like me and don’t like sleeping then when the caregiver puts you down for a sleep time, just lie there and relax, I have found I sleep more than I used to when put down by my mummy in my cot. I guess I am turning into a baby again.

Use a pacifier. To calm babies, plastic pacifiers are often used to provide the baby something to mouth, as when feeding. Getting a pacifier to use during naps and nighttime rest can be comforting and get you into baby mind.

· Most of the time, babies will find that their fingers can replace the need for the pacifier, which is one of the big discoveries and independent moments in the baby's development when they don't need to rely on the parent for the pacifier.

· You can suck your thumb if you like as it can be very soothing

7. Suck on a dummy. Babies need calming at times and a dummy is an ideal instrument for this, once a baby starts sucking they become calm as if breastfeeding on a mummy, the stimulation of sucking is very relaxing. Babies will sleep sucking on their dummies and it can be a good way to keep a baby comforted while in the car.

· Babies will suck on their fingers or other items for oral stimulation so the dummy stops them from putting dirty objects into their mouths. But fingers are a developmental stage and exploring fingers is very important part of this and allows them to learn to pick up the dummy and replace it in their mouths.

· Some babies prefer the thumb as they suck them in the womb and it’s a natural action, but parents become worried that the baby won’t stop as they grow older.

8. Crawling. Babies don’t start walking until almost a year old so crawling around or walking with a hesitant gait will give the feeling of being a small baby. As we all know babies don’t run so get down on your knees and crawl, pretend you have never walked before and use tables and chairs to help you get up gingerly, become wobbly as you stand up.

· As babies become more mobile they will move quicker and thus your caregiver will have to keep more of an eye on you or put you into a playpen. Coming downstairs come down on your belly slowly or slide down as you get older or come down on your bottom step by step.

9. Eating food. Change from sitting at the table like an adult and eat baby food in a special chair like a high chair if possible. Have a bib tied around your neck to save your baby clothes from getting dirty. Baby food isn’t as appetizing to look at as adult food, mainly because it’s blended into mush that is easy for the baby to swallow, remember babies don’t have teeth to chew. Normal baby food is fortified with all sorts of stuff to help baby grow, but is very tasteless, what you can do to avoid the tasteless option is to buy all the ingredients and blend them yourself.

· Buy yourself baby plates, I love the Bunnykins range of plates, cups etc. or you can go for the new plastic plates with compartments and a set of baby utensils.

· You can also do the baby thing and eat with your hands now that will get you dirty so make sure you have your bib on. Doing this is fun and makes you feel like a real baby, even pouring it on your head as babies do, they tend to wear it all over.

10. Bottle feeding. Of course, no baby can be without his baba and I find it the most relaxing way to drink. Lying in mummy’s arms and her holding my bottle while I feed, or if I’m bigger walking around with my bottle.

· I personally don’t use cow’s milk as it’s not ideal for human babies. I tend to go for juice and oat milk alternatives. But that is a choice matter. I do not recommend any of the baby formulas as they are very high in things that are not good for adults, but again a personal choice.

· Enjoy having a bottle before bed, after a meal or when in the garden playing, it doesn’t matter where just enjoy.

11. Watch TV. A good way to get into baby talk is to listen to and watch baby TV programs. It is also important to participate in the show. Shows like The Baby Club on Cbeebies TV are a great way. The show has songs, play and story time. I love watching Cbeebies all day or bABy TV on YouTube. YouTube is a fantastic place for all things baby. If you watch shows with actual babies involved is a great way to learn how to act like a baby.

12. Adult bABy clothes. Wearing adult size baby clothes is one of my greatest enjoyments of being a baby and feeling like a baby. Items such as one-piece rompers, overalls, shortalls, baby dresses and frilly baby panties. There are so many girls’ adult baby clothes to choose from but a lack of adult baby boy's clothes.

· Mothers and grandmothers love to dress babies up in bright colours such as pinks, yellows and blues. Sailor dresses for the girls and sailor rompers for both boys and girls.

· Footy Pjs are a favourite of mine and a must for all Adult bABies and can be bought online easily. We have a new range of AB clothes coming out soon.

· T-shirts with Thomas the Tank Engine and other children’s favourites are another go to and a must-have is baby bibs in large sizes so you can make a mess and not dirty your baby clothes.

13 Baby furniture. It is important if you really want to be in baby space to have a cot, high chair, playpen and change table. But this isn't possible for everyone. But it brings about a total experience of being a baby with them.

The last part is about wearing nappies and having all the things a baby needs and all have really been covered about accepting the nappies.

Now nappies come in many styles now from my favourite which is the square terry nappy of old to disposable nappies. I am not a fan of disposables because of the impact on the environment but it is always a personal choice. There are what are called fitted nappies and if you are wearing a cloth nappy then you will need to have plastic pants with them and there will be a lot of laundry to do. Having said that cloth is cheaper in the long run as I have a dozen (12) for those that don’t know what a dozen is cloth nappies and they last me years and years and years. The initial cost is around 200 pounds for nappies and plastic pants but then its just the washing and drying.

If you are using disposables expect to pay a hell of a lot more if you used every day. They are expensive if you want all the pictures on them, but for instance, in Thailand, we use a good disposable that is very cheap for 10 compared to the AB community ones. The choice is yours and yours alone. I love wearing my nappy and plastic pants under shorts or jeans and going out. Another choice is pants, I have a range of terry nappy pants that I wear as my underwear all the time. You can buy disposable ones too.

So enjoy your life as a baby and I will chat with you soon.

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins,

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