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Adult Breast feeding & Adult Nursing Relationships Part 1

Welcome to this information document Within the pages written in this document you will find lots of information regarding the subjects of “Adult Breast Feeding” and “Adult Nursing Relationships”. I hope you find this document informative and educational.

The Basics The names Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult Breast Feeding both have abbreviations while they sound slightly different they are, in actual fact the same thing. Adult Breast Feeding, which is abbreviated to “ABF”, is more commonly used in the United Kingdom amongst people who are interested or involved in the fetish. The most commonly used name is “Adult Nursing Relationship” as it’s a better description of what’s involved, the abbreviation is “ANR” while they both mean similar things, the only key difference is that “ABF” describes the actual act or actions which are involved, “ANR” is a relationship which centres or is the focus of the relationship. “Breast is best” Many women and some men have often wondered why many people like women’s breasts so much, usually women with big breasts or that appear to have larger or large breasts will attract attention from men and some women, sometimes this is welcome some times isn’t as it will be different from woman to woman. Size, shape, etc is down the woman’s genes, diet, etc as is a person’s preference but the reason is mostly psychological. The size of a woman’s breasts will change slightly due to factors such as age, menstrual cycle, diet, weight, etc mostly it’s considered an indicator of fertility, while there’s no “perfect pair” breasts are as individual as a person’s finger-prints meaning each and every pair is beautiful and unique in their own way, there many verities and no two pairs are the same.

“Men are so childish” Part 1 The reason why many men or males “act like big kids” is because they essentially are “big kids” in the respect of they can often act immature and childish or do “stupid” things, in groups of friends they act or behave younger then they are as a form of social interaction. This would be considered a form of relaxation or a way to escape responsibilities for a while and safely “let of steam” or release a degree of stress without endangering others. They are also childish or act like adolescent “teenagers” around women they find attractive or that have features that they find attractive e.g. large breasts, the observed behaviour is to look/stare or “ogle” a certain bodily area or areas such as: the breasts, legs, thighs and buttocks (bum/butt) or other areas (depending on personal preference) but the most commonly admired features on a woman are most often the breasts and buttocks as they are considered her “curves”. Staring at features or areas which are considered attractive by the individual is mostly instinctual but also serves a purpose, the sight of an area or feature of a woman or potential partner are partially connected to earlier experience from childhood and puberty, As mentioned further on in this document, breastfeeding allows communication and emotional exchange between mother and baby. The sight of a woman’s breasts be it in shape, silhouette partial exposure e.g. bikini, low cut tops, etc is essentially a trigger of memories from their past to partially surface but is often “stuck” or “lost” and cannot be remembered fully, they cannot fully remember why, memories like computer files corrode or degrade over time rendering them irretrievable. The person in question will know that the area they are looking at holds significant importance to them in earlier life but won't be able to recall why, unless they research into why they like the area it will remain a mystery. As many people know, babies and young children are usually breastfed up until a certain age but Some women may choose not to breastfeed which is down to their choice, it has recently been 5 proven that “breast is best” there are many documented advantages to breastfeeding which are covered further on in this document, the phrase “breast is best” is based on science-backed fact and was created so it would spread easily by word of mouth. Breastfeeding has many purposes other than nutrition; from personal and researched experiences breastfeeding serves as a form of non-verbal communication between mother and baby or a woman and her partner. The tissues or “skin” on the lips and nipples & aureoles are of a deeper colour than the rest of the body due to the higher blood flow and more nerve endings in the skin responsible for sensation, The connection or contact of the lip tissue to the nipple and aureole tissues can “in theory” act as a “bridge” or connection between the mother & baby or woman and her partner, this connection will allow electrical impulses to move from one body to the other, the electric impulses which are found throughout that body as “messengers” delivering instructions to and from the body and brain which includes feelings and emotions. The flow of signals from person to person during breastfeeding allows two people to connect & communicate in a way, which can express how they both feel for one another. During breastfeeding, a baby will communicate love, acceptance and gratitude to its mother for accepting it as her baby, while the mother will be to give her child love, security, acceptance and a feeling that they can be safe with her. This sharing of feelings and emotions is what would be considered the “mother and baby bond” which is what builds with every feed, the more mother time the mother & baby or woman and partner spend time together feeding express their feelings, the stronger the bond becomes. With adult nursing partners, any couples have described the experiences as an intimate form of bonding which in many cases has strengthened their relationship and how they feel for one another.

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