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Bye Bye bABy and Thank you

bABy Phillip has left after enjoying being pampered and visiting lots of places in and around Surin Northern Thailand.

bABy Phillip visited many places but I think he loved the Thai Massage place the best where he got to be dressed as a baby and be massaged. Thailand is a very accepting country and we have lots of ladies to pamper to visiting bABies needs.

Being Pampered at The Massage shop

I must stress that our nursery is a non sexual place, The mummy and nannies are married.

Mummy and Nanny Linjong took him to the Cambodian boarder but it is closed, due to Covid.

Cambodian Boarder

bABy Phillip was taken to the local water park where he had lots of fun with nanny in the water.

The Water Fun Park Surin Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun

bABy Phillip wanted to buy silk so Mummy and Nanny took bABy to the Silk factory where he bought lots of silk to take back to Australia.

Thai Silk Village where you get real Thai Silk

bABy Phillip was taken around the town for shopping and going to some very good food restaurants. He enjoyed the food very much and was fed many bottles of milk while at the nursery.

And all of a sudden it was time to go home. Sad but very happy, bABy Phillip left to return to Australia after telling mummy and the nannies he would be back.

Good bye Mummy Mac and Nannies.

Wow what a lucky bABy, not 1 Nanny as promised but 3

We are open 52 weeks of the year and would love to host you at our nursery, we cater to a lot of AB fetishes and if you chat with us I'm sure we can tailor make a visit for you.

To find our more and discuss with us, send a message and we will contact you. Your happiness is our priority and aim.

We have a custom AB tailoring service at the Nursery and Mummy Mac is a skilled seamstress.

Mummy Mac made this romper for bABy Phillip

Mummy Mac and all the Nannies said bABy Phillip was a very good baby and treated everyone with total respect. Thank you bABy Phillip for visiting us. We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

bABy Bunnykins

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