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Come and Meet Nanny Pang

Nanny Pang with a Nappy for YOU!

We would like to invite you all to visit Thai Adult bABy Nursery and meet Nanny Pang. Nanny Pang has joined the nursery and is waiting with a nappy/diaper ready for you. Whether it is cloth or disposable, nanny has you covered excuse the pun lol

Nanny at the New Nursery, everything is ready

Nanny is happy to look after you, she is young and very cheerful and will take you out in the pushchair, feed you in the high chair, put you in the playpen and play with and read you a story, put you down for an afternoon nap or take you out in public dressed as the baby you are. The more you want the more you will get. Though there is no sex and no asking nanny for any form of sex.

Nanny inspecting all the equipment and getting it ready for YOU!

Nanny will take you swimming at the lagoon or the Water Park near the nursery, or in the stroller to Robinsons Department Store and walk through the bABy clothing and toys section

Or we could go to a restaurant for a meal, nanny will put on your bib and feed you from your bottle, the limit is what you put on the visit.

Nanny will rock you to sleep in the cradle if you are a little baby but if you are naughty she will put you into the big cot and lock you in. If you are naughty with nanny Mummy Mac will administer a spanking.