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DPF an Adult bABy's Dream

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Today I’m posting some more information from the past and its again about DPF, what I find really amazing and good is the fact that it was a community, even though like all communities it had problems, it was far stronger than it was weak.

That was shown in the amount of AB’s mummy’s and carers that posted on the site. There really isn’t anything like it anymore.

It goes to show how good they were at servicing the community, to get an outstanding rating for services. I bought a few things from them and never had a single problem an I had the magazine delivered every month for free as I was the Ambassador for them in Australia. I have always found DPF an Adult bABy's dream

DPF Top Service Rating
DPF Top Service Rating

DPF Top Service Rating
DPF Top Service Rating

DPF Top Service Rating
DPF Top Service Rating

The items received from DPF were first class

DPF responded to a question on their product promptly. I highly recommend this site.

Every thing went well. Delivered in a few days of two weeks. Good quality. Private packaging. Everything you could ask for. I am ready to send in my third order. You will be pleased.

All the products I buy from DPF are great!!! The training pants I just purchased are perfect for wearing under street clothes and no one can tell I'm wearing them. And they do hold a lot of pee pee!

They were responsive and their products were excellent, very good quality

I have ordered many items from DPF and have been please with the quality and service. I will continue to shop at DPF. Thanks for my last order and letting me know you are back ordered on one item and will send when it arrives. Thanks once again.

I've ordered for many years, along with various friends have added items to my order. I've had very little problems overall. Great products, prices, shipping.

Very Professional Great folks to do business with. I would highly recommend DPF to anyone interested.

Fast service, product better than expected!

A Club for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers

BabyClub is better than ever. Yearly membership is $30 ($20 less than a printed Newsletter subscription).

Register Now Take a Look Go To Now (you need to be Registered)

Baby-Club Kaleidoscope Important Features

1. The BabyClub Roster can be searched for Photos

2. The BabyClub Roster contains over 4,500 Listings

3. Only $30 per year!

4. Baby-Club is constantly changing with things that are not found anywhere else.

5. Contact Photos (click here)

6. A primary feature of BabyClub is a FULL YEAR's OnLine subscription to the DPF Newsletter. All current Newsletters are available in html format for easy reading, downloading and printing. This feature alone is worth $30. All the rest is icing on the cake.

7. Pages of Cartoons. DiaperMan Comic. Plus others, like a drawing of a teenage boy peeing in his pants in front of his second grade class. Also great Bojay Cartoons. The future ones are going to be fantastic too.

8. The only listing of the DPF Roster by Country and ZIP codes that contains Photos.

9. Special Product Discounts

10. Many Past Newsletter are available, and more are being added all the time.

11. BabyLove Magazine, a wonderful publication.

12. Lots of Stories, some not published anywhere else in the world, not on the Web, not in the DPF Catalog, not in the DPF Store - some because some are too erotic to be published on a non-password protected site. For example, a 30 page detailed (fictional) erotic account of Research on Diapers for boys age 10 to 15 is already there waiting for you. And more coming and cuming and cuming all year.

13. Exciting sets of AB Photos - The DPF Photo Album has names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, something not found anywhere else. The Six Pix (groups of 6 pcitures) have more photos of guys and gals in diapers. And new photoswill be appearing often, but mostly attached to the Roster Listings which now contain photos.

14. Wonderful Surprises.

15. And lots MORE.

A Boy's Life

Some day Tommy will grow up (not). In the meantime these are some of the things that he likes to do, and has done over the fast few years.

Giddy up horsey
Giddy up horsey

Tommy likes to visit his friend's house and ride his friend's Horsie.

(Little boys sometimes don't wear pants, right?)

Scootarama baby
Scootarama baby

Tommy likes to ride his scooter. But for heaven's sake, why didn't his mommy or daddy put his pants back on.

All the other kids in the neighborhood will surely laugh at the sight of a 13 year old boy still in diapers.

Wouldn't you?

Playtime baby
Playtime baby

How can a kid still in diaper be so "rad" on a skateboard? At least he is smart enough to wear protective gloves and knee pads.

What other "protection" do you think Tommy needs? His pants do look a bit "puffy", don't they?

Play time in the park
Play time in the park

Uh, oh!

It looks like Tommy is having a bit of an accident. Why isn't he in a diaper? Did Mommy forget?

The truth is Tommy likes to think he is a big boy - big enough to ride a skateboard and climb up the poles in the playground.

But it looks like he really isn't!

baby out and about
baby out and about

That's more like it!

Before he left for the beach at Santa Cruz his Daddy made sure he was protected.

Can the other kids sitting next to him see his diaper showing?

Drink up baby
Drink up baby

Daddy took him over to the face painters.

He wanted to be painted to look like a doggie.

Then he had to have his bottle.

Looks like he's finally acting his age.

On Santa's Knee
On Santa's Knee

It's Christmas time.

Do you think that Santa is worried that this big boy is going to pee in his lap?

Time for sleep baby
Time for sleep baby

It was a big day for Tommy at the mall.

The excitement of sitting on Santa's lap was almost too much for him. He flooded his diaper.

Now it's time for a dry diaper and a nap.

Books on DPF
Books on DPF

What a great story! What great illustrations! Could it be a fantasy or could it be true? Well, you'll wish it were true. This comic has something for everyone regardless of your sexual orientation or your interests. A handsome young stud from Australia, Joey Osborn, is visiting his Uncle in the US. While he's here he wants a job. What a job he gets - as a go go dancer in a club owned by his Uncle's lady friend. She's been looking for someone young and handsome like Joey to play the part of a "very special" go go dancer. She "tests" Joey to see if he can win the part, and he "wins". And what part it is, and what a surprise for Joey.

You'll love how the other male dancers react to Joey's new role, and "help" him get dressed for the part. Then the entire audience, which is practically all female, falls in love with Joey and his new "act". They want more and more of him, and you'll see why. You'll also see what happens to him on stage. Well, I bet you can guess what happens - and it's not just an accident.

This is possibly the best Comic every published by DPF, and our first full comic by Bojay (yes, he's back). We hope to have more from Bojay in the future, but in the meantime you're gonna love "The GooGoo Go-Go Dancer" Click below to order.

Please remember this is all from the past and nothing here works anymore. Mores the pity.

bABy Bunnykins

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