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Fake Mummies or Mommies as they always call themselves

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

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Every day I get invites from women asking to be my friend. What I find most interesting is the way they always advertise themselves and without any thought for us that have been adult babies for a very long time.

They always write the same kind of post about themselves such as this one.

I'm professional abdl caring mommy

Honest trustworthy person

For me the moment I see that I know it is a fake mummy and start to play games with them because I don't like people stealing from anyone but especially the most vulnerable such as AB's.

I will engage in light conversation and let them lead me with their lies. I will wait for them to ask me to move to google chat or Kik or another form of communication away from Facebook, I'm not sure why they do that but it is a tell-tale sign they are going to scam you.

They will ask you first how you are and then where you come from, I try to reverse that and always ask them where they are from, but if they beat me to it, I will tell them where I am and then ask where they are. They will always tell me they are in the same country and not far from me. I will then ask to come and see them and that is when they will bring out the plan for me to pay them a joining free or for the nappies or for the cot, that was the latest attempt to rip me off. I laughed at her when she suggested that I should send her 100 pounds so she could buy a cot to keep me in. I replied that cots cost a minimum of 1000 pounds and so I thought she was a scammer. She got very angry. I just blocked her, copied the conversation and posted it on my page.

If I ask them first and they tell me where they are mostly in the USA I say oh I'm in London that is too far away and then they are staying in London and only from the USA. I always laugh and ask difficult questions and then they will disappear to do research on the area I have given them and come back and say they are not far from me. Of course, they go onto google and find somewhere. My next move is to ask to come and see them and that is when they bring out the Oh you need to pay a fee. And that is when I call them a fake mummy and post the conversation online on facebook and block them.

The other problem we have is when we have people in the community that want to cause problems for others, they post lies and rubbish due to jealousy and ignorance. The trouble is Facebook these days doesn't care about what people say about others and when you report them, they just ignore it.

We need to be a solid community and not one that pulls others down.

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins, , 2023.

All rights reserved.

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