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Happy New Year from the Nursery

I have been quiet the last few weeks as I'm working on a book I'm about to publish, I will post it for sale on my site and I hope it will the first of many I will put out.

But that isn't why I'm here today, as the hour approachies I though it would be nice to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and may all your baby wishes come true.

I am blessed with a mummy and nanny to look after me and I know a lot of AB;s wish they had the same. Like everything in life it has to be earned. Nothing come for free but if you are willing to work for it, then anything can happen.

I will be back in Thailand in February and am looking forward to hosting a bABy for 3 weeks in March. I wil be deliviring the stroller to the nursery and looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it for myself but also for visiting AB's.

I think 2024 will be a very good year for the nursery and I'm looking forward to hosting many bABies.

I am also looking into hosting Nanny Con next year in Thailand at the beach. Unlike other conventions, this one will have a Nanny available for babies. It will be at the beach so there will be swimming and lots more to do, but more on that later in 2024.

So thats it for now. Happy New Year and may 2024 bring many wet nappies for you. Loving mummy to care for you and the time to be the baby you want to be.

bABy Bunnykins

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Comments (10)

So wish I could afford to visit & have fun w/ everyone too

comme vous j'aime me faire laver les fesses et le zizi pommadé et poudré mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte plastique a pression

Eugene Chua
Eugene Chua
Jun 16, 2023