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It's Finished

Wow, it's been a while coming but finally, the nursery room is complete.

With the cot, cradle, rocking horse, playpen, cupboards and high chair all moved into the room and the walls painted it looks fantastic.

The rocking horse is in place, the high chair is ready, baby you need to come and enjoy babyhood.

The walls have been pained

With huge paintings on the walls to make you feel small and lots of things to playwith from soft toys to lego and cars etc to play with.

So the Nursery space is ready, when would you like to relax into babyhood, go anywhere dressed or at least wear a nappy/diaper under your clothes? Or if you are brave, go out dressed as the sissy you are or little baby boy. Only the brave dare to eat the forbidden fruit.

When mummy or nanny is busy, maybe getting your bottle or food ready, maybe she is making a bath for baby or preparing your nappy change, but anyway, while she can't see you, mummy or nanny will always lock you into the playpen to be safe. Behave while in there or else a spanking may be given.

You will be locked into the high chair to be fed and watered lol. Nanny will control all your actions, where you go, what you eat, when you sleep, when you are changed and when you can play in the playpen or on the swing.

And there are adventures outside the nursery at waterparks, national parks, shopping and even if you want the beach although it is a days ride to the beach and we would need to stay over for the nigh.

It's about 400 kms to the beach from the nursery. bABy Bunnykins loves going to the beach.

We are happy to announce the nursery is fully operational and ready for visitors. You can hire the nursery with a nanny or you can stay for the evening/overnight/all day and use the nursery to your self.

bABy Bunnykins

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins, , 2023. All rights reserved

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Comments (10)

comme vous j'aime me faire laver les fesses et le zizi pommadé et poudré mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte plastique a pression

Eugene Chua
Eugene Chua
Jun 16

can the session be hosted at my service apartment

If you are not opening...why is Mark Anthony Young of Elite AB Clinic, formally of failed business Easy Sell It Ltd, saying he is opening on May 2nd...with you?

Clearly showing your new stroller in his clinic!

J'aimerai me faire langer par une maman laver les fesse poudrer et mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte en plastique a pressions bisous a toutes la famille ABDL

Replying to

Come to the nursery and you can have this experience.

Phillip Arnott
Phillip Arnott
Dec 23, 2022

cant wait to come in february

Replying to

Thank you Phillip it was really nice having you at the nursery. We have taken on board some of your ideas. The nannies and mummy enjoyed your stay.

I have a craving,urge to be humiliated in public. Dressed in the sillyest frillyest,little gurl adult baby clothes. This will be a huge challenge for me,but a drug that i craveand need. I am sure that it will be a challenge for Nanny too,for which i am willing to pay, But i am not rich so i'l start saving my money

I am a female adult baby girl and I am still looking for mommy for a daddy, uncle or educator who will be loving, but also very strict if necessary, who will take care of me and take care of me, i.e. put my pacifier and bottle in thick diapers, give me my bedtime , speak possibly in the cot, fixed me when changing the diaper if necessary to smear my pussy better thick with Penaten cream …. And and and , would you be interested ?

Wow I will save my money

to go and be your sissy baby

in clothe and plastic panties!

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