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“Men are so childish” Part 2

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Many men and some women will often glimpse, stare, gape, ogle, etc at women’s breasts or “curvy” areas of her body which indicate fertility, healthy or just any possible means of finding a partner because often it is a form of jealousy or envy towards the woman as they have something the person finds attractive. Primarily the attraction isn’t always sexual its often curious about what it looks like and what it looks and feels like, etc Many couples who have written blogs or been interviewed for research have all spoken of feeling relaxed, less stressed and even aroused from the time spent with their partner, while breastfeeding is a form of communication it also seems to be a way of relaxing and reducing stress, much like an afternoon nap. During a person’s puberty when their hormones start to come through and begin bodily changes, Males will often become more aggressive, etc during this time, they may become insecure about themselves and want someone to comfort them or find somewhere to get support during this time, this is when the breastfeeding instinct will partially re-activate, because its an instinct and not a learnt skill it can only be partially remembered. The instinct can only remind the person that from experience from being a baby and childhood a woman’s breasts are a place of safety and acceptance but overall are a place of acceptance that won't reject them, the only problem is that because its an instinct they can't quite remember how to breastfeed as they once did. Asking a parent or any female how to breastfeed can be very embarrassing so the only way they can find out is to suck a woman’s breasts and nipples as a form of foreplay, some people may only have the opportunity to breastfeed if their partner becomes pregnant or after their partner has given birth, many may wish to breastfeed but not conceive a child, while this is very responsible it may mean that they will have to search for a lactating female and ask their permission to feed.

7 Myths the whole concept of a grown person breastfeeding or being breastfed is often considered to be wrong, disgusting or even something more extravagant than it’s made out to be. Many of the most commonly believed myths will be typed below with a true or false answer with some information provided to explain why.

Myth: To breastfeed your adult partner, you have to be naked False, this is only true if the relationship is long term such as marriage or “going steady” a wide range of clothing options is available.

Myth: Women can only produce breast milk when they are pregnant or have given birth recently False, hormones produced by the woman’s body are responsible for milk production there are several causes which induce lactation

Myth: Adult breastfeeding involves dressing up like a baby FALSE, The fetish being referred to is “Roleplay”, while some people may like to dress up and be treated as such, this is not a compulsory requirement, it is down to personal preference whether someone does it or even if they like it or not.

Myth: Only women can lactate/produce milk FALSE, Strangely, it is possible for men to lactate as nipples are leftover features from fetal development in the womb, it's not fully understood why males have mammary glands like women, but male lactation occurs in men who have hormonal treatments for prostate cancer which is often commonly occurring in older men, the volume of milk is relatively low compared to that of a woman.

Myth: “Only perverts do it” False, this is one of the most common, if not one of the oldest known forms of bonding and survival, Humans as a species are not alone in terms of breastfeeding outside of infancy. Some animal species may breastfeed their offspring outside if infancy, if they are allowed to some animals may breastfeed if there is milk to spare or if new offspring are born from a dominant female of group animals and the newborns/infants aren’t feeding at an appointed time older members from a previous litter or recent birth may be given permission from the feeding female. Many forms of recorded information such as art, Statues, paintings, clay and stone tablets and many documents have been found from many civilisations which have accounts, myths and stories of grown men breastfeeding from women whether they are wet nurses, their wives or other lactating women.

Myth: A woman with big breasts will have or be able to produce more breast milk than a woman with smaller breasts. This myth is difficult to answer as there are several factors involved, while there is mixed and varied evidence to support this myth, the amount of milk produced by a woman will variate depending on the genes of a woman’s family history, how often the woman in question breastfeeds her children or partner, the woman’s age, how many children she has or has had previously diet, environment, etc so to sum up, size isn’t important.

9 Important information There are several very important things which have to be addressed in this segment of the document, there are rules and other important facts & information which must be observed, read, understood, respected and followed at all times so that all people taking part are safe and will enjoy the experience.

The Rules. ALL people taking part MUST give consent and be of age (minimum age 17 or 18).

ALL people taking part MUST discuss and agree on what they both want from a feed e.g. foreplay, cuddling, etc The woman or women who are breastfeeding a partner or partners SHOULD NOT be naked UNLESS:

1. The woman or women taking part are in a relationship with the other people participating OR have chosen to from free will

2. The environment they are feeding in has enough privacy and won't disturb the feeding participants

3. The woman/women and her partner/s feel comfortable and have a discussion before feeding with everyone agreeing its ok. The wishes of the woman/person feeding her partner MUST be respected at all times WITHIN reason. THAT’S FINAL! If the woman feeding or the partner says “NO” to something and the reason for saying “NO” is reasonable, respect their wishes

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