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My story in the main stream media in Australia 1990's

If you are old like me, then you remember the days before the internet, most of us unless we had found out others existed as baby's thought we were the only ones doing this and we must be a little crazy.

Well I discovered that I wasn't alone in 1985 when I walked into a sex shop in Kings Cross Sydney and discovered a magazine called Adult Babies. I was so surprised, I picked it up and quickly went to the counter and bought it. I nearly ran home I was so eager to open it and read the articles.

Once I was home I ripped open the plastic wrapper and started reading, my heart was pounding as I went through reading all the pages. Then I came across DPF and wrote away for the first magazine. I then a bit later became an ambassador for DPF in Australia.

Fast forward to 1991/2 I used to look at Picture Magazine in Australia it was a tits and bum magazine but very low core porn. I thought why not get them to do an interview with me on Adult baby, I wrote to them and they agreed.

So on the arranged day 3 people turned up to my house in the Adelaide hills and we proceeded, I had to put a young lady into nappy's no problem and then she had to do me, there were lots of photos taken and we had a lot of fun. At the end the producer agreed to put my post office box info at the end. This brought about a few letters from people saying, wow I thought I was the only one.

I met some wonderful people who because of my travels lost contact with, I do hope I get to hear from them again and even see them at our nursery.

During this time I had a lovely lady who would be my nanny, we would go out in my car to a distant town and she would dress me as a toddler and take me to the movies. When we walked inside, she would take me to the counter to purchase the tickets and then sit me down, put a bib on me and go and buy some food to feed me.

She would sit next to me feeding me chips and hamburger or what ever we had then take me into watch the movie. All movies were for children and we would sit at the back and nanny would nurse me with a bottle and stick my dummy in my mounth. We would sometimes have people look at us, she would just say I'm retareded and a baby.

More exciting stories to come from my time as a baby in Thailand and around the world such as going shopping with Mummy Na and Mummy Mac and Nanny Linjong at Tesco's with me all tied up in my harness, all dressed up as a baby in knicker and shirt with buttons up the back. In my red sandles with ears like a rabbit hand made. I love Thailand and being a baby there.

Have a great day everyone and see you on the other side (Thailand)

bABy Bunnykins

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comme vous j'aime me faire laver les fesses et le zizi pommadé et poudré mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte plastique a pression

Eugene Chua
Eugene Chua
16 juin

can the session be hosted at my service apartment

If you are not opening...why is Mark Anthony Young of Elite AB Clinic, formally of failed business Easy Sell It Ltd, saying he is opening on May 2nd...with you?

Clearly showing your new stroller in his clinic!

J'aimerai me faire langer par une maman laver les fesse poudrer et mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte en plastique a pressions bisous a toutes la famille ABDL

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Come to the nursery and you can have this experience.

Phillip Arnott
Phillip Arnott
23 déc. 2022

cant wait to come in february

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Thank you Phillip it was really nice having you at the nursery. We have taken on board some of your ideas. The nannies and mummy enjoyed your stay.

I have a craving,urge to be humiliated in public. Dressed in the sillyest frillyest,little gurl adult baby clothes. This will be a huge challenge for me,but a drug that i craveand need. I am sure that it will be a challenge for Nanny too,for which i am willing to pay, But i am not rich so i'l start saving my money

I am a female adult baby girl and I am still looking for mommy for a daddy, uncle or educator who will be loving, but also very strict if necessary, who will take care of me and take care of me, i.e. put my pacifier and bottle in thick diapers, give me my bedtime , speak possibly in the cot, fixed me when changing the diaper if necessary to smear my pussy better thick with Penaten cream …. And and and , would you be interested ?

Wow I will save my money

to go and be your sissy baby

in clothe and plastic panties!

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