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Nappy Dependency

I know you have dreamed of nappy dependency all your life and is what you've always wanted?

Yes so who cares what others think? Be brave and act now and do what you want to do, not what your peers and society think you should do. Just imagine for a minute if you were dependent on nappies:

You'd wake up in a very wet nappy; isn't that what you want? Yes, of course, it is.

Your nappy would get wetter and wetter and heavier and heavier as the day progresses; doesn't that sound lovely?

You'd have lost all control over your bladder; I know you want this.

You wouldn't know when the urge to go came and when you'd need a change; I bet that excites you. Of course, it does baby.

We have a new month coming up, so if you are serious. If you aren't ready to live the rest of your life back in nappies, I think it'd be best if you started getting ready for a life back in nappies. This means getting a better-paid job to save up money for nappies, finding a way to make money online to pay for nappies, and moving out of your parent's house if you still live with them and if you are married then maybe you want to tell your wife so she becomes your mummy and turns

a space into your own spot to have the privacy that you need and deserve to really pursue bladder retraining/nappy dependency.

Those who have this awesome fetish can fight it for a while, but I've noticed that the more you wear and use your nappy, the less real bladder control you have over time. Haven't you noticed that you've been going to the bathroom more often when you're not in nappies? Have you noticed your bladder shrinking yet? Surely it doesn't have as much capacity compared to before you started wearing diapers a lot.

Nappies make us feel happy, don't they? They keep us safe, protected, and comfy. Public bathrooms are horrific and totally unhygienic.

Become the best version of yourself.

Become the person you've always dreamed about.

Become the person you've always fantasized about and become more than you are.

Become dependent on nappies.

bABy Bunnykins

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