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Part 1 The complete training guide for adult babies

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Baby Bunnykins

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All rights reserved.

To train your husband or partner into an adult bABy is one of the most dominating relationships possible. There is no other submissive relationship that gives so much to please the woman/mother to the sissy baby/baby boy who in the end is totally dependent on her/his mother and becomes totally submissive and relies totally on the structures given by the mother so much so that her/his personality is changed and the baby has no more ability to control her/himself and loses all his will. Your kinky date is here

An adult bABy can be male of female and as such trained although in this day and age there seem to be many young women becoming AB’s, but in this topic I am addressing the boy baby that will be transformed into a bABy girl commonly known as a SISSY BABY. So from now on we will be referring to the new born bABy as “she” or “her” but this can also apply to those that want to train and regress a bABy to be a boy bABy.

The bABy training is divided into 4 categories, which will be explained in 4 different posts. This being post 1. We will look at the 10 most important points to help you train your SISSY BABY.


It is the overall aim of this program to transform a grown male into a tiny baby girl who acts, behaves and is treated just like a real bABy girl in every aspect of their daily lives. With this program we aim to achieve the double goal of feminization and age regression of the mere male and to use any measure to complete the programming.

1. It is important that the mere male understands from the start the he will be turned into a little girl and he has no say in the matter. So from this point on s/he will only be addressed as “she” (Example: “There’s a good girl let’s get your nappy changed”) in the same way one would talk to a baby,(Example “ Oh, what a cute baby she is”) this reinforces the status of being a baby girl and not a mere male.

2. The aim of the program is to have her completely dependent on her mummy and totally incapacitated as a mere male. If left alone she would whimper for her mummy and fret as she would be helpless on her own. In this way she would be a total bABy and for her it would become normal. She will act 24/7 as a baby girl, not knowing anything else.

3. With the programming the baby will give up her own will, she will let all decisions about her daily life be taken by her mummy and mummy’s word is final no matter how humiliating or uncomfortable it maybe for her, she has to understand that mummy and only mummy knows best. Mummy mustn’t hurt her as that isn’t the point of turning her into a baby girl, but spanking can be used if the baby gets out of hand. This should be done in the correct manner with Mummy explaining why she is going to be spanked and only after being warned 3 times for bad behavior. Doing this way reinforces the baby-mummy status and allows the her to learn to behave appropriately.

4. One of the most important aspect of the SISSY BABY’S training is undergoing the nappy training. She will be put into nappy’s 24/7 and has to use them as a bABy does. All toilet use is strictly forbidden. In some circumstances this may not be totally practical as the bABy may have to work, but this can be controlled by the bABy having to wear disposables (I do not condone wearing undisposables as I call them) to keep her in her nappy’s 24/7. This way she is in her nappy 24/7 and could have some embarrassing accidents at work. Mummy can require her to take a change of nappy to work and after ringing mummy to ask permission and going to the toilet, have mummy change her via the phone. This will be very embarrassing to her if another employee comes into the toilet while she is changing. So it doesn’t matter where she goes, she must always be padded for safety.

5. The aim of nappy training is to reach 100% incontinence for the bABy in the shortest time possible so as to reinforce the bABy status. So having the bABy wet often and keeping her drinking will help her lose control. There are a number of ways of doing it but the fastest way would be if you are a nurse or know a nurse, ask them to catheterize. When this is done the bladder will be open 24/7 and the urine will trickle into the nappy constantly. The muscles in the bladder will weaken until becoming totally incontinent. This is reversible by training the bladder. If this is not practical then make sure that she drinks lots of water and instruct her to let it flow the minute she feels the bladder needs to empty. This way short small wee’s will weaken the bladder, she mustn’t hold onto it at all.

6. It is important that you instruct the bABy (her) to act and think like a baby girl all the time, of course if working then that isn’t possible, but at all other times she must think and act like a baby girl. It is also important that she uses her dummy at all times other than at work of course and must become uncomfortable if she is not sucking her dummy. She must also act at all times when with Mummy as her bABy girl and this includes crawling when at home or when Mummy instructs her to do so. When Mummy talks to her, she is only allowed to use baby talk to talk back to Mummy and no adult talking is permitted. Playing with her dollies and other toys is a must while sitting on the floor and all the toys must be very girlish, no boys toys at all. I’m sure there are other things that can be added to this.

7. As she is a baby girl all her activities must be controlled by Mummy, this includes having all her hair removed from all parts of her body as permanently as possible, this can be achieved by a few different ways and you can investigate the best way.

a. Baby must be breastfed whether dry or with milk, obviously milky breasts are best but not all Mummy’s will be able to do this or want to induce. When Mummy is busy, a bottle can be used where Mummy feeds her in her arms, inducing the feeling of helplessness in the bABy.

b. Feeding baby food as baby’s don’t eat adult food but this can be made by Mummy or bought from the store. Of course baby can’t feed herself so Mummy will have to spoon feed her and she must absolutely sit in her high chair to eat with no exception and have a plastic or cloth bib around her neck to keep her from making a mess on her clothes. These actions will seal the babification and if you want to seal it further then she must wear plastic pants 24/7.

c. A cot/crib is a must for all bABy’s so they don’t fall out of bed or be able to wander off in the middle of the night. High sides are a must, I believe in 4ft high sides and the cot being 2ft off the ground. In the beginning it may be needed to use restraints for arms and legs but I don’t think they should be used for ever. Once she has accepted her bAByhood, then she can be without restraints. The cot mattress should have a plastic covering to enhance the fact that she wets the bed every night and needs protection. A waterproof pillow slip and blanket can be added if needed but not totally needed.

d. Another way of reinforcing her that she is a baby is for Mummy to give her all her baths, Mummy will use bABy bubble bath and sweet-scented soaps to clean bABy.

e. For more reinforcement bABy will only wear bABy dresses and cute bABy clothes at all times unless going to work. It is up to the Mummy whether she takes SISSY bABy out dressed as a toddler bABy. Another innovative thing to do to control the gait of the bABy is to use spreader pants or harness to make the SISSY bABy walk more like a bABy and some believe it helps weaken the bladder thus helping bABy become incontinent, not sure about that though. On all devices you use on SISSY bABy you must make sure they are secure and cannot release themselves, the best way is with locking clothes and harnesses.

I am sure there are more innovative ways to transform you mere male into the SISSY bABy she is.

8. The training must be taken seriously and she the bABy should have no possibility to escape from her training and she should be made to love it.

9. There should be subtle ways of training such as Mummy having authority and bABy knowing that, bABy should be happy to be trained and co-operate with Mummy. There is very little need for punishment although if needed an over the knee spanking is a good way to go.

10. In bABy’s mind everything concerning the training is in their best interest and Mummy knows best. She must really believe in her luck at being chosen to be Mummy’s SISSY bABy and privileged to be under her care and love. The SISSY bABy must know that Mummy knows best and takes such good care of her. Which is of course very true.

Written by bABy Bunnykins

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins,

All rights reserved.

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