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Part 2 What you can expect at the nursery for your holiday

bABy and Playpen
bABy and playpen

bABy is outside the playpen and if Nanny catches him there she will spank his bottom hard

So while bABy is in their playpen, mummy has been preparing his breakfast, now what do babies eat, this is an interesting question and each baby will have there own personal choice.

My bABy Bunnykins loves Farley's Rusks with milk all mushed up and then spoon-fed by nanny, what is your favorite baby food tell us in the comments below.

bABy Bunnykins Favorite Breakfast
bABy Bunnykins Favorite Breakfast

bABy Bunnykins favorite breakfast

Now breakfast is ready, nanny gets you out of the playpen and takes you to the highchair. Placing you inside, she slips the harness over you and fastens it to the chair so you can't fall out or escape. Getting a bib, nanny and ties it around your cute little baby neck, kissing you on the forhead while doing so.

Mummy comes in with your food and a bottle of milk to wash it down with. Nanny takes the bowl and spoon and starts to feed you.

"Open your mouth bABy here comes the train choo choo choo choo, good baby, Here comes an airplane naaaa naaaaa miiiiii miiiii open bABy, good baby"

"Look some has dribbled down your chin, here let nanny clean you up, taking a wet face washer, nanny washes baby's face, now bABy keep your fingers out of the bowl, we don't want you all dirty as we are going out soon".

Wrinkling her nose nanny smells a pungent smell that is easily recognised as bABy having done poo poo in their nappy, Nanny says smiling, Hmmmm who's got a dirty nappy hey? Good bABy lets get you out of the highchair and get you changed. I think we will give you a bath with your ducks and you can sing the song 5 little ducks go out one day.

bABy lets get you cleaned up, taking bABies hand nanny leads bABy to the bath and taking off his nappy she leads him to the bath and helps him in. Sitting down baby starts to play with the ducks and turtles in the bath.

Nanny takes a face washer and starts to clean bABy all over, the water has lots of bubbles and nanny puts them on baby's head and laughs. bABy is happy.

Taking bABy out of the bath, nanny wraps him in a towel and dries, leading baby back to the nursery and had bABy get up on the change table, putting the strap around bABy's tummy, she massages baby lotion into bABy's skin and then powders bABies body and especially around the nappy area to make sure bABy doesn't get nappy rash.

Putting a disposable nappy under bABy's bottom nanny brings it up between the legs up to bABy's tummy. Blowing a kiss on bABy's tummy nanny fixes the nappy in place.

"Now bABy we are going to visit Aunty today and I and I want you looking pretty for her. So we are going to dress you in a cute dress.

Sissy bABy ready to visit Aunty Na
Sissy bABy ready to visit Aunty Na

There we go, now you look like a cute little Sissy bABy girl, Aunty will be so happy to see you, now we must put on your frilly panties so everyone can see the sissy baby your are.

Wow What Beautiful Sissy panties
Wow What Beautiful Sissy panties

Wow what a cute bottom you have sissy

OK back into the playpen bABy while we get your nappy bag ready and some bottles of milk for the trip. Good baby, here's a bottle to get on with, lie down in the playpen and drink, I need it finished before I come back, there's a good girl.

bABy Bunnykins Visiting Mummy Na
bABy Bunnykins Visiting Mummy Na

bABy visiting Aunty Na at the Cambodian Boarder

Thank you for reading Part 2 What you can expect at the nursery for your holiday

End of part 2

come back soon for part 3.

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins, , 2023. All rights reserved

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