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Some of our visitor over the years 2003 to 2022

Most of our babies don't want their faces shown so we cover them up and have permission to post like this.

I want to make it very clear as it is very important to us that we will never post any video or picture on our website until and unless we have permission from the bABy, Your privacy is our prime concern.

Having been outed by someone years ago, I would not want that to happen because of us.

So the first baby I'm going to show is our lastest baby that came in January, I wasn't advertising the nursery but we were contacted and he came for 2 weeks and had a lot of fun.

Baby enjoying riding our baby swing, notice the horse's head, you can imagine you are riding a horse as you go back and forth. Baby can not use the swing unless mummy or nanny is supervising. Your safety is our prime concern.

Baby n Nanny playing on the rocking horse

We pride ourselves in having equipment to have baby playing the whole time they are at the nursery. So the rocking horse can take you on many adventures around the world. Playing cowboys and Indians, Knights in shining armour. The price from Snow white. A great explorer and many other dreams. You are only limited by your imagination. (215)

bABy Being fed from a loving breast. You too can experience this

One of the nannies we have at the nursery is most happy to have you suckle on her breasts, there is an extra charge for his and it is important to remember we do not offer any types of sexual release here from the staff. Asking for it cause you to be asked to leave and not refund given.

Nanny behind will breastfeed you

We are blessed in Thailand with beautiful women and kindness in abundance so the ability to be breastfed is something you will enjoy and bond so well with the family here at Thai adult baby nursery. 326

I hope you are enjoying our website, please join the community board and chat about anything AB. Please be polite and add stories etc.

bABy Bunnykins

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