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The Boy becomes a bABy part 2

All the time this was happening I could hear sounds around the house but was unaware of what was happening until Cherie opened the nursery and door and this tubular steel barred gate had suddenly appeared. Cherie explained it was a safety gate designed to protect me from hurting myself and people would also know where I am at all times.

Do you ever have a feeling the world is closing in on you and you are helpless to stop it? That is what was happening to me now, but it is a cotton wool and satin world. It is filled with pretty things, lovely baby scents and love, but still overpowering.

I tried to say to Cherie around the dummy she had placed in my mouth that it was higher than I could reach, and she said ‘of course it is silly, it would not be a safety gate if you could open it now would it? Now stop the grown up talk’. ‘But I have questions, it is not as I thought’, Cherie said ‘and if you continue with the grown up talk you will have a sore botty that you didn’t think about too. However things will be explained to you as you need to know them’. Moving from the Nursery to the head of the stairs we came across yet another ‘Safety Gate’. This one I was told was to stop me falling down stairs and hurting myself. I wondered to myself how I could get past the nursery one to ever get here.

We passed through that one only to encounter another at the bottom of the stairs and I thought to myself, Oh well, this is to stop me climbing up the stairs so I ‘can’ fall down. Little did I know how correct I was?

We proceeded along the lower hallway and I could see a gate was fitted to the kitchen/dining area entrance and one to the lounge. I thought, how could all this have happened in such a short space of time? Instead of taking me into the kitchen diner from whence we left Cherie carried me into the lounge which is quite huge with a large open log fire. But this one had a steel guard around it well away from the fire itself so it would stop me getting close to the fire and far enough away to stop the guard getting hot enough to burn me. Cherie explained to me that it was actually bolted to the wall and the gate at the front of it to allow for cleaning; putting logs on etc. was well locked away from prying little finger like mine. Cherie sat down in one of the leather chairs and cradled me in her arms and began telling me about the gates. She said ‘I can see you are puzzled as to how they were placed so swiftly, so I will tell you. The gates were made and the brackets and catches were all fitted many days ago awaiting your arrival, so, all that was needed was for the gates to be hung on to the brackets which occurred while I was bathing and changing you’. I said from behind my dummy ‘Please don’t smack me but how did Mrs. Inglish KNOW I would accept the proposal?’ ‘Alright sweetie’ Cherie replied ‘No smackies this time but no more grown up questions. Madam is now your Mommy and is a very determined lady and usually gets what she wants, and when she decided she wanted you I am afraid you had no choice in the matter; from the day she first heard about you, and then she saw you; your fate was sealed to become her baby daughter. Now, enough for now, your Mummy will be here in a minute, so be a good little baby girl and give her a big, big welcoming smile when she comes in’. A Little About Mummy: She is from a long line of wealthy landowners dating back over 600 years. Sadly she was an only child and a huge burden was placed upon her young shoulders. She spent a lot of time studying Farming, Agriculture, Horticulture, etc, etc. and business management; as a result this left her virtually little or no time for a social life. Consequently she never married nor bore children of her own. While she was younger and her parents were alive it seemed to matter not, she was far too busy and had family. Then the day arrived when a car accident took her parents from her and she was alone. This was the time she realised how much she had missed out on life and how lonely she would become. She decreed then this would not happen, she would have a baby come Hell or High Water. And, thus her staffs were instructed to search for a candidate. She commenced having a room in the big house converted into a very upmarket nursery. She went back to college to learn art and dressmaking and hence her personal career as a baby girl’s designer and dressmaker began. She employed managers for the different farms and Ted was Overall Manager. Everyone reported to him and he reported to Mummy. They were ALL confident to her desire and wishes. No-one argued and thought ‘Yes, a wonderful idea’. Once she had finished college and was confident about her designs she set about setting up a cottage industry to mainly pass her time pleasurably and prepare for her new baby girl. She did not think it would be over a year away. But it would also be a lucrative income being very upmarket and ‘select’. She always looked after her permanent staff in as much she had a medical scheme for them and their families, milk was free from the Dairy herds, meats was very cheap and generally in season vegetable were free. She also made a point of inviting them to the big house for social occasions, but especially she invited them Boxing Day (thinking families want to be together Christmas Day), New Years Day if they were not going away and Easter (which was a big parade of dresses, bonnets etc for the girls and ladies (many of which mummy made)). For the labouring staff it was 10% over the minimum wage all year plus a annual bonus and a free Turkey at Christmas along with a homemade (Charlie) Christmas pudding and a bottle of wine. Every summer mummy would also have a huge bar-b-q for everyone to attend. So, all her staff are very loyal to her. You may think ‘God, what an extra burden for poor Cherie and Charlie with all the extra work’, but NO, Mummy hired outside chefs and staff to come in so Cherie and Charlie had a happy time too. She thought very, very highly of her staff and looked after them. She trusted them with not only their work but the staff they were responsible for too. She only had progress reports and daily ledgers to deal with daily when Ted arrived. When she brokered the subject of finding a ‘permanent’ baby girl Ted was a little confused. However mummy explained about finding a small person she could make her baby girl. Enter stage left. Along came I, not small but tiny, tiny. I was perfect and when mummy heard about and saw me she said to Ted ‘She is mine’. That is when the wheels began turning and my future/fate was determined and my destiny sealed.

Chapter 6

It was less than five minutes after Cherie bought me into the lounge when Mrs. Inglish (mummy) came into the room carrying a baby’s bottle full of milk. I looked at Cherie and said ‘I don’t want to drink from a baby bottle’ for which I received a sharp slap on the bare part of my thigh. This really stung and bought a tear to my eyes and the response from Cherie ‘You will get very hungry if you do not take it’. Mummy then sat down saying ‘is my little baby being naughty?’ To which Cherie replied ‘I have told her repeatedly about using grown up talk so a little reminder was called for’ after which she passed me to mummy. ‘Come on sweetheart let me give you your nice bottle’. ‘That is what she was talking about’ responded Cherie, ‘said she did not want bottle feeding’. Mummy looked down at me and told me ‘All little babies have to have their formula darling and as you are mummy’s little baby now you WILL have your bottle when you are told’. With that she put the teat to my lips and I reluctantly accepted it. This milk tasted different to the one I had earlier in my Sippy cup which had honey in it, but then mummy had called this one formula. While I was feeding mummy told Cherie that the Doctor was coming out to see me in approximately two hours and after that she wanted to put me down for a sleep, as the morning would be quite stressful for me plus she needed to get me into a proper routine. She also pointed out that if Cherie had any noisy housework such as hoovering to do, to do it before my sleep time. After my feed mummy placed me to her shoulder rubbing and gently patting my back as she winded me and even a little drop of formula came back up splashing on the towel she had placed over her shoulder. When that was done she looked at me and said ‘right sweetheart, mummy has lots of things to do, so you can go in your playpen until the Doctor comes’. I was then carried over to and placed inside the playpen which even when standing I could not reach to top rail. However there were lots of baby toys in there for me to play with and mummy switched the television and the dvd player on. The disc she put in was a collection of baby programmes such as Postman Pat, Teletubbies, Trumpton, Camberwick Green and many others. It felt most strange now sitting behind bars, but the floor was a thick padded mattress and for the first time I actually felt my little bootees and the feeling is so unlike shoes, they are soft and you can feel everything your foot touches. Because of the state of my hands mummy had put some mittens on me that were padded in the palms so I would be able to play with my toys. However the padding and the pain made it difficult to play with the smaller toys so I settled for a soft Pink Rabbit to cuddle and watch the programs on the television. It is amazing how quickly two hours pass because in what appeared no time at all there was a knock at the door and a lady carrying a black bag walked in. ‘Hi Mary’ called out mummy and the lady carrying the bag replied ‘Hi Carol, got your little girl then’. ‘Oh yes, come see her’ replied mummy. They came into the lounge and the doctor looked at mummy and said ‘I didn’t know you had been pregnant, that HAS to be a baby’. Mummy had a good laugh and said ‘cute isn’t she?’, and the doctor replied ‘cute isn’t the word, she is adorable’. Mummy then called Cherie and said ‘Cherie dear, the doctor and I are taking Terri to the nursery, keep an eye on things for me please’. With that mummy picked me up and carried me to the nursery. I was extremely nervous and began to cry a little but was quickly calmed by mummy and my dummy. Mummy then began taking off all my clothes so the doctor could examine me. After prodding and poking and tapping me all over she said I appeared to be healthy enough but my muscles were very tense and hard so she would prescribe a relaxant for me. Then, looking at my genitals told mummy I was severely under developed and had not even reached puberty pointing out the fact no testicles were showing. The doctor said ‘they must still be tightly tucked up inside’. Mummy replied ‘that would account for that sweet little voice she has then’. The doctor agreed. Mummy then said ‘is there a way we can stop that happening so she keeps her little voice?’ The doctor replied ‘we can give her Anti-Androgens to block any Testosterone and then if we give her low doses of Oestrogen, that will stop any development there plus give her skin a softer more feminine look and feel but a low enough dose to prevent any busty substances growing’. This bought a laugh from both. Then she asked mummy ‘do you know when she had her last bowel movement?’ Mummy replied ‘not in the last thirty six hours as I know’. ‘Alright’ was the doctor’s reply as she went to her bag once again, this time taking out what looked like two torpedo shaped tablets which she then after putting on some latex gloves and taking my ankles in one hand, raising them in the air and exposing my bottom thus allowing her to slip them inside my bottom. She then told mummy be prepared for a nappy filler in about two hours and they both had another little chuckle. Mummy was quite excited about the hormone treatment and said ‘when can we start?’ ‘Bring her to my surgery about 3 this afternoon and I can give her, her baby vaccinations at the same time. I will also give you a prescription for everything else you need. Now, let’s have a look at these hands’. When she turned my hands palm upward, she looked and said ‘My, my, how on earth did she survive with hands like this. They are terrible’. Mummy told her it happened on a building site and before they knew it bulb rash had flared up too, hence I was no longer in the bulb shed. The doctor just looked at mummy and said ‘this sweet little thing was never intended to live in the grownups world unprotected, far too cute’. Returning to her bag the doctor took out a tub of cream, some lint pads and bandages. She looked at me and said ‘this will hurt for a few minutes sweetheart but it does contain local anesthetics which will sooth the pain away’. With that she began spreading the cream all over my hands but mainly in the palm area and filling in the cracks in my skin, and yes, it did hurt and made me cry. Once the cream was on she gently tucked my thumbs into my palms, placed a thick pad of lint over the whole area and bandaged them showing mummy how to fold the ends of the bandages so the finger ends were covered, also telling mummy this had to be done every day. Of course my hands were quite useless now but for the first time in a long time they were being healed. The pain from the cream did, as the doctor said disappear quite quickly and I settled down again. When the doctor was finished mummy was going to call Cherie to dress me but when she turned toward the door Cherie was already there with a concerned look on her face saying ‘I heard her crying and was worried’. Mummy just said ‘it was the cream on my hands, but as you are here dear would you get her dressed now? I think the little white dress with the pink edging would be a nice first one for her, her little Angel jacket with matching bootees, bonnet and mittens. Also bring her harness with you dear as she will be having a sleep in her pram for a little while. We need to introduce her to ALL her lovely things, Oh and ensure her nappies are well tucked in things will soon be happening’. This bought a little chuckle from everyone. All in all, the doctor spent about an hour with me and I was feeling tired; but a pram!! Once downstairs the doctor and mummy had a private talk. The doctor noted I had one nappy folded as a soaker and one folded kite style. ‘What I would do’ she went on ‘would be to put the soaker and two kite folded ones on her’. Explaining it would save on changes but also for keeping the legs apart thus enhancing that little baby look. Mummy thought this a very good idea and called Cherie to do just that. ‘However’ the doctor said, ‘I will be prescribing a purgative to clean her tummy and bowel so I suggest for the next two days you keep her in thick disposables as you will be using quite a few’. ‘Why a purgative?’ asked mummy. ‘Simple’ the doctor replies, ‘purge her tummy, feed her only baby food and formula after that and what do you get? Very runny poo she cannot keep in and will have to use her nappies, a little more baby like’. ‘I will collect some this afternoon after we have been to see you’. Mummy replied smiling. ‘You should find medium to large baby size ideal. You are so lucky; I know you will be making all her dresses, petticoats etc., but most of her needs you can get off the shelf at any baby store she is that tiny’. Mummy replied ‘It does help when it comes to nappies and panties; also her pram is only a deluxe baby pram, so it is normal, as is her cot. Also I am hoping sometime today her new bassinette will arrive so when she has bad nights I can have her next to me ’. ‘I can see this little one is going to be spoiled something wicked’ replied the doctor. ‘I have been waiting a long, long time for her to arrive and she will get only the best; and, as you pointed out, she was never meant to live alone in the BIG world. Also keeping my baby happy means she will be happy and WANT to stay’. The doctor looked and said ‘You are a canny one Carol but I think your little girl is getting the better deal’. They laughed and the doctor left. At this point Cherie entered the room carrying me in her arms.

A little cough from Cherie attracted mummy’s attention so she turned toward the doorway and saw me. Oh my’ she said. ‘Ohhh sweetheart you look so pretty’, looking at Cherie she said ‘and Dr. Stone (Mary) was absolutely right about that extra nappy. It makes her look absolutely adorable’. Walking over toward me mummy held her arms out saying ‘come to mummy darling let me look at you,’ and asked Cherie if she remembered the harness and would she fetch me a bottle. Cherie passed the harness to mummy who then proceeded to sit down and after removing my Angel coat placed it upon me then just sat looking at me and absorbing her little baby daughter. A moment later Cherie returned with a bottle of formula. After cradling me and feeding me my bottle mummy stood up and said to me ‘time for you to see your lovely new pram sweetheart’. Walking toward a large bay window she turned me around so I was facing ‘my’ new pram. It is white with a narrow pink contour design made by Silver Cross Coachworks. It did look beautiful but of course this one was meant for me. Taking me over to it she lay me inside and found there was ample room for me. She then snapped the clips in the pram on to my harness, covered me with a white with pink satin trimmed baby blanket. Placing my dummy teat back in my mouth she then raised the hood of my pram; put the apron on all the way so that it was also halfway up the hood and so reducing the light. Next she began to gently rock me and hummed a lullaby. Looking at the interior of ‘my’ prams hood I tried to reassess my situation and take in my surroundings; but in no time at all I was fast asleep. I was falling ever deeper into my new world. I do not know how long I was asleep, all I know is I was woken by violent rumblings in my tummy and bowel. Next thing I knew was there was a huge (for me) gaseous discharge and I was filling my nappies. The suppositories had decided to work and were forcing me to evacuate my bowel. Feeling totally shamed by this I began to cry and in the two minutes it took mummy to come to me I had had another two explosions. My nappies were filled to capacity. Feeling totally miserable mummy lifted me from my pram and tried to calm me and all I could sob was ‘I messed’. Mummy said ‘that is fine sweetheart, ALL babies do that and that is why you are in nappies’. I wanted to say more but mummy just push my dummy fully into my mouth and shushed me to calm me. But she did tell me once again say I should NOT use grown up talk anymore. She told me she knew and understood I had a lot of relearning and a lot of unlearning to do and living baby will help me. She also told me she could understand how I felt about using nappies again, but she said in a few days it would all be natural for me and to just trust her. While doing this she carried me to the nursery where she took my clothes of, removed my very soiled nappies and cleansed me; then put clean nappies on me. When she re-dressed me, this time she put a pair of white baby tights on me saying it was time to get ready to go see Dr. Mary and she wanted me wrapped up warm for the journey. Also instead of an Angel coat this time I had a full Matinee coat on along with bootees and bonnet. The dress I wore was the white one with pink trim and to compliment it my bootees, mittens, matinee coat and bonnet were all pink with white ribbon ties and trim. Once I was fully dressed mummy then produced a baby harness in white leather (it appears I have a choice of several colours to match outfits) which she fastened about me. Carrying me downstairs and passing through the ‘safety’ gates which I knew I would never be able to pass unaided she carried me into the kitchen and said to Charlie ‘Is the carrycot in the car?’ He replied ‘Yes madam fully installed and the wheels are in the boot and I started the engine for you a few moments ago so the car is warm’. Mummy thanked Charlie and then carried me to the car putting me in the carrycot. After fastening my harness to the inbuilt clips she placed a baby blanket over me and tucked it in so I would stay warm. Having satisfied herself I was safe and warm she went back into the house to get her own hat, coat and purse. After which she drove to town and looked around for parking as close to the Dr Surgery as possible. It actually turned out to be about a half mile away. Next she took the carrycot frame from the boot and opened it ready to accept the cot. Opening the back door of the car she looked at the weather, then at me and decided a second blanket was called for. Also she raised the hood and put the apron on before taking me from the car. Once she had my cot fastened into the frame she then put the all-weather cover on to stop the wind and it was raining lightly from getting to me. Happy I was protected and checking her own hat and coat were all correct she released the brake of the carrycot and we proceeded to the Dr Surgery. This was a strange experience for me as I had never in my conscious lifetime ever been wheeled like this. Within minutes the gentle rocking motion of the cot on the suspension had me all sleepy again and all my anxieties faded away. Once we reached the surgery mummy saw the receptionist and she told mummy ‘Oh yes, Dr. Stone said for you to go straight in’. Before going through to Dr. Stone’s surgery mummy took off the covers from my carrycot and dropped the hood allowing the receptionist to see me whereupon the receptionist simply said ‘Oh my, what a pretty little girl’. That really boosted my ego. Once in the Doctor’s office I was taken from my carrycot and lifted on to a padded table similar to my changing table but larger and not as pretty. Mummy took my harness and matinee coat off then asked the Dr. If she need go further. Dr. Stone replied ‘no, just injections for now but I would like her tights lowering as two injections go in the thigh’. Dr. Stone then went to another table and picked up a dish in which lay five hypodermic syringes. Looking a little concerned mummy said ‘all those in one day’. Dr. Stone replied, ‘yes but they are once only inoculations’. She then explained that one is the triple MMR vaccine, one is for Whooping cough and the third one is Polio and that one would need a booster in three weeks. The fourth and fifth one she explained were the boosters for Anti Androgens and Estrogen. The first three went in my upper arms and hurt which made me start crying but then the last two went into my thigh and they really stung and bought a flood of tears from me. Mummy quickly redressed me and cradled me in her arms to console me. Dr. Stone then enquired if the suppositories had worked to which mummy gave a chuckle and said ‘did they ever, poor sweet must be totally empty by now’. Dr. Stone replied ‘If they haven’t the purgatives will’. The doctor then handed mummy a prescription explaining the tablets. This one she said is a muscle relaxant to get rid of her tension and help her relax but it will affect walking and will make her lose bowel and bladder control. This one is the tablet form of the Anti-Androgen and this one her hormone tablets. Just crush them and add into her formula. Finally she gave mummy two sachets telling that these are the purgatives, give them first thing and then only water and perhaps clear/strained soup at lunchtime. Also she explained to mummy the special cream for my hands was on the prescription as was the pads and bandages. Also she advised mummy to get an Anti-Bacterial soap to bathe my hands in. So, after putting me back in my carrycot and armed with a long shopping list we left the surgery and headed for town and the local Toots the Chemist. On the way Mummy met several of her friends and naturally I was introduced to them after which they told mummy what a lovely baby girl. I soon realised that the more people mummy showed me off the more difficult it would be for me to ever return to an almost normal life. I was a baby girl to everyone mummy showed me off to.

Coming up part 3 soon

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