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The Boy becomes a bABy part 3

Mummy did not miss out on this either and a plan quickly began to formulate in her mind.

She decided the more people I was introduced to as her baby daughter the more and more difficult it would be for me to return to my old life. Also as the largest land owner in the region she was a prominent person in the community and knew a lot of people in high places. She also knew once I was introduced to these people my future was sealed. Being a prominent member of the community she laid plans for me to meet the top people and their families. She decided as she knew the Chief Constable and his family, several senior Police officers and their families; all the local Magistrates along with their families and many other Senior members of the town councils and local Trading Guild, I would be introduced to them all. Also unbeknown to most in the area, mummy was the Head Mason of the regional Masons lodge. All this she decided would be enough to protect her little baby should I ever stray or get lost. She was determined everyone would know me and if ever I was found wandering she knew I would be returned to her. However with all the ‘safety’ that had been installed at home that could never happen. She decided there and then it was time to arrange for my debut. We finally arrived at Scoots whereupon mummy headed straight for the pharmacy to get the prescription made up and asked the pharmacist if it would be alright to leave me near the counter while she did some other shopping. The pharmacist replied ‘Of course Mrs. Inglish we will keep an eye on her for you’. Mummy folded the apron back, lowered the hood of my carrycot so I could look around, but mainly so that I would be seen more easily. With that done Mummy went to do her shopping.

When she returned several elderly ladies were gathered around my carrycot cooing and ahhing over me. Mummy went to the counter to get the prescription and pay for her shopping. When the pharmacist arrived she looked at mummy and said ‘quite the little crowd puller isn’t she?’ Mummy replied ‘I think all babies are’ but inwardly she smiled as it was more exposure and she knew I would be afraid to speak so the bonds were getting ever stronger. It turned out mummy had purchased two packs of thick disposable nappies, a changing mat, four more tins of formula, more zinc and castor oil cream, more baby powder plus two large pink bottles of baby lotion. With everything paid for and safely stored in the shelf beneath my cot she prepared to leave. Outside the rain had now become very heavy and mummy had to rush as much as she could as her coat was only meant to be shower proof and she still needed to call at the greengrocers to order the vegetables chef wanted delivering. By the time we returned to the car mummy was soaking wet and she rushed to get me inside first, then the shopping and wheels and finally herself. By now the rain was almost torrential and instead of taking only twenty minutes to get home, this time it took almost forty. Mummy was not only wet but quite exhausted by the time we reached home and parked the car as close to the house door as possible. As she was about to get out of the car Cherie opened the house door wearing a raincoat with a hood but also carrying an umbrella to protect mummy. Following Cherie was Charlie who called out for mummy to get indoors as they would carry me and the shopping in the house. Once everything was indoors Cherie helped mummy to remove her soaked coat and putting it on a coat hanger hung it over a radiator in the wash room to dry. When she returned mummy asked Cherie if she would make me a bottle up so mummy could feed me. Cherie responded ‘Madam, I think it would be wiser if you left Terri with me and got yourself out of your wet clothes and into a nice warm bath’. Mummy thanked Cherie and did exactly that. In the meantime Charlie had prepared my bottle and added a little spot of honey to it saying ‘it may be my last bottle for two days’. Cherie replied ‘poor sweet I do not know about our little Terri here but even I am not looking forward to the next two days’. Charlie agreed. Cherie then sat down and taking the bottle from Charlie commenced to feed me. Meanwhile mummy had removed her wet clothes and was soaking in a nice warm perfumed bath soaking the day away. After she had bathed and dressed she returned to the kitchen where Charlie informed her, a large package had arrived while she was out and that there was a nice hot cup of tea for her. ‘That, hopefully it is Teresa’s bassinette’. Both Cherie and Charlie looked at mummy with a puzzled look on their faces. ‘Teresa madam’ said Cheri. ‘Yes dear, the proper version of Terri and as sweet as my little baby is’. ‘Does she know?’ asked Charlie. ‘Not yet’ replied mummy. ‘When will she learn?’ asked Cherie. ‘When she is christened, you see I found out during my enquiries my little baby has never been christened and I intend to correct that’. ‘Oh wow!’ the other two replied in harmony. Once she finished her tea mummy went to open the parcel that had arrived and sure enough it was ‘my’ bassinette. In no time at all it was assembled next to mummy’s bed and Cherie just looked and said ‘THAT is gorgeous’. Mummy replied, ‘yes, I fell in love with it the instant I saw it’.

It was in white with miles and miles of pink lace adorning it. It was complete with a satin pillow also in pink and white, a satin blanket to match and finally a cover which matched the bassinette when it comes to the frills. It had its own hood and was also mounted in the frame on suspension so it could be gently rocked. Charlie looked and commented ‘this has to be the luckiest person alive, a loving mother and now adorned with all these beautiful gifts, I just hope she is as happy with her new life as you obviously are madam’. Mummy just replied ‘we will have to make that happen Charlie but the next two days are going to be painful for all of us I’m afraid’. Cherie said ‘we are here too madam and we both want to see her happy, I just hope it won’t be too painful for Teresa’. Mummy then said that I could have my usual six o’clock, ten o’clock and two am bottles but that will be the last until the purging is finished, which she told them would commence with my six am bottle. She also said I would be sleeping in the bassinette for those two nights at least. She also outlined how things were go to happen. Firstly she would have a pack of disposable nappies and the new changing mat she had purchased from Scoots that very day in her bedroom, so she told Cherie she would want the nappy bin with the sealable lid there too. Also she would have the cream and powder. This all being so she could change me quickly and keep the soreness I will definitely have to a minimum. And, so it was all sorted and organised. Cherie then said ‘Madam can’t we help in any way so you too can get some sleep’. Mummy replied ‘Look after the house for me dear, Oh and Charlie while I remember your vegetables will arrive early tomorrow morning’. At six pm mummy took me to my nursery, removed all my clothes and bathed me, after which she put a clean nappy on me, a little baby’s nightdress then gave me my bottle. Then I was placed in my bassinette ready for the next day

I was given my two night time bottles and before I knew it, it was morning and my torture was about to begin.

First thing mummy did was to take me to my nursery and bathe me, after which she dressed me. But instead of my thick fluffy Terry nappies she put one of the thick disposable ones on me, she also made sure to use plenty of the zinc and castor oil cream and powder as she knew I was soon going to be really sore around my bottom. This was followed by a pair of plastic panties and a little dress bootees, bonnet and mittens. Also she placed a harness on me because her thinking was I would be weakened by the purging so she planned to leave me in my pram most of the day.

Then the time finally arrived and I was taken to the dining room and given my bottle with the first day purgative in. Cherie had prepared it in some milk and a little bit of honey saying to mummy it would help keep my strength up.

It took about twenty minutes for the solution to take effect and I had quite a violent bout of wind concluding in a very soiled nappy. All in all this happened sixteen times in day one; I was sore miserable and spent a lot of time crying.

At night mummy was awake with me all the time and so she never got any sleep. The following morning the procedure was repeated, however the purgative this time was not as strong and throughout the day I only used 7 nappies.

Mummy also had a second night awake with me but she did notice now I was drying up and my nappies were no longer being fouled; only urine was passing now.

For two days and two nights mummy had cradled me in her arms and was quite exhausted, but when it came time for my first bottle on day three with normal formula Cherie and Charlie were in the kitchen and said to mummy ‘why don’t you rest now, we can look after Terri, you must be exhausted’.

Still sobbing because of the soreness mummy agreed with Cherie, thanked her and passed me to her, then went to have some rest. The worst was now over.

Before leaving however mummy did say to Cherie ‘put her back in Terry nappies dear, I am sure she will be happier and more comfy in them and use plenty of cream she is red raw around her little bottom’. My thought at the time was I wish I had never seen nappies.

Gently cradling me in her arms Cherie turned to Charlie and said ‘can you make up two bottles for her with honey in both, also mix her Ready Brek, poor little mite must be starving. I will take her and change her’.

Cherie then turned and carried me to my nursery where she intended to give me a bath; but when she saw how red and sore my bottom was she decided not to sit me in the water but use a soft wash cloth and gently wash me instead.

As with the previous two days she washed my nappy area with anti-bacterial soap (which she also used for my hands) while the rest of me was washed with baby soap.

After gently patting me dry she laid me on the changing table and put the safety strap across me while she folded my nappies and prepared the cream and powder. She then raised my legs in the air and slid the nappies under me and followed this with a liberal coating of zinc and castor oil cream and a generous powdering.

Leaving me strapped to the changing table Cherie then went to the sets of drawers and took out a little vest, bootees and mittens placing them on the changing tables shelf she just looked at me and said ‘today sweetheart we are going to make you especially pretty for when your mommy wakes up’.

Going to the wardrobe she picked out a peach coloured dress with high waist, the petticoats for it and also matching Rumba panties and bonnet.

The dress was one of mummy’s creations and was very tastefully trimmed without being outrageous but also very feminine.

By itself the dress just hung limp on its hanger because it was of such fine fabric, sheer and almost without weight the petticoats would have no difficulties making it stand out almost horizontal. It was also very short so the pretty panties could be seen as part of the ensemble. The panties and bonnet were white with peach lace to match the dress, while the dress itself had little white highlights and so overall the clothes complimented each other.

Once Cherie had everything she needed close by she released the strap holding me to the changing table, sat me up and put the little vest on me doing up the two buttons at the back as before.

However instead of dressing me at this point she removed the mittens I was still wearing, then the bandages and the lint pad. She now gently bathed my hands and likewise patted them dry. This done she reapplied some of the cream Dr. Stone had prescribed, and following the doctors instructions, gently folded my thumbs into my palms, placed another thick lint pad over the whole area and commenced bandaging them again. Taking care to fold the ends as they were shown to cover the finger ends.

‘There sweetheart’ she cooed, ‘now we can get you dressed all pretty and take you for your bottles and breakfast and then you will be all settled and looking pretty for when mummy wakes up’.

It was with extreme care and gentleness that Cherie dressed me wanting not to hurt me anymore but looking my absolute prettiest for mommy, however she did leave my bonnet off but said she would put my harness on me as I must be tired and she would lay me in my pram for a sleep after feeding me.