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The complete training guide for adult babies Part 2

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

By Baby Bunnykins

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins,

All rights reserved.

Who can be a Mummy?

It takes a special woman to become a Mummy to a SISSY bABy and for that reason, it is important to know what it entails. Every woman has the potential to be a Mummy but very few will recognize that or even take it up due to norms of society and programming that it isn’t right to have a man as a SISSY bABy. We will go over a few characteristics a potential Mummy must have to be an ideal Mummy.

1. To be a Mummy to a SISSY bABy one must have a pronounced motherly essence which brings out the wish to live out this lifestyle with her partner.

2. Motherly love for the SISSY bABy even though she goes through this degrading treatment to come out the other side as a sweet loving SISSY bABy forever. She (bABy) will need copious amounts of motherly care and nurturing.

3. It is important that all the SISSY bABy’s needs are met and nothing is missed out to bring her to the state of a permanent SISSY bABy girl.

4. As SISSY bABy needs to be dominated, it is important that Mummy has a dominant disposition and enjoys creating embarrassing and shameful activities and treatment for her SISSY bABy so she knows who is in control. Remember this is a growing development and some punishment may be needed to control the SISSY bABy like over the knee spankings, corner times with nappy and plastic pants down by their ankle. Have your friends come over and see her being punished and join in.

5. Mummy must be very serious and resolute in her training of her SISSY bABy girl and leave no doubts that everything she does and all resistance by the Sissy bABy girl will be ignored and could result in punishment if not curtailed. Punishment should only be used as a last resort but can be very effective. It must always be done with unconditional love and a big hug after to reinforce who is in charge.

6. During the training period and from then on it is only Mummy who makes the decisions on SISSY bABy’s training and how it is done. SISSY bABy has no say in any activities and Mummy will see that all milestones are met to reach the goal of total and permanent SISSY BABYHOOD.

7. It is important to let the SISSY bABy know he is loved and never get angry or mad with her. You should not swear or shout at her, but rather like talking to a bABy always talk in bABy talk to her and let her know when she has done something wrong and correct it. If SISSY bABy refuses to do as she is told and acts in a SISSY bABy manner then mummy needs to implement remedial measures to show her that it is not acceptable to misbehave. A trip over Mummy’s knee for a spanking or time in the corner or locked in her cot. There are so many ways to punish her, you could take her outside in the garden and hook her to the clothesline in her baby harness so she can walk up and down the garden but cannot leave. Mummy must be innovative but not cruel. SISSY must understand that what she is going through isn’t a punishment but growth from being a mere male to a beautiful loved SISSY bABy.

8. Breastfeeding her is one of the most wondrous pleasers for a new SISSY bABy and if you have milk then that is the icing on the cake as they say. It is possible to lactate even if you have never had a baby. I have a group on Fetlife that covers all you need to know about lactating. Breastfeeding brings about a bond that is stronger than any other bond. The bond between a mother and her SISSY bABy is so important. It is good if your bust size is at least a D-cup size and for women with the fuller figure this isn’t a problem, for those with smaller sizes inducing milk will enhance the size or you can go for a breast enlargement program. This would show your SISSY bABy just how much you really love them.

9. The way Mummy presents herself to the SISSY bABy is so important such as her fingernails being painted red so that whenever Mummy is feeding SISSY bABy her bottle or breastfeeding her, she will be mesmerized by the colour and fix on it while drinking from her bottle or being spoon-fed by Mummy, having your bust busting out of your blouse will keep SISSY bABy firmly fixed on Mummy and not thinking of getting away. In this way, mesmerizing SISSY bABy will make your training much easier, especially when she knows good behaviour results in sucking on your ample breasts and being changed when needed. It is also good for Mummy to use her fingernails to caress SISSY bABy’s cheeks and tummy to make her aware of being a SISSY bABy under Mummy’s control, especially her actions.

10. Humiliation can be used in many ways to control your SISSY bABy and make her so aware of her status in the family. Nappy change time, where she is changed in front of your lady friends who make comments and talk about and to her as a total SISSY bABy. Feeding in the high chair and always smearing food over her face so that it drips down on to her bib and you make such comments as, Oh bABy really love her food but what a messy eater, no wonder you need a bib. Bath time where you run a sweet bABy smelling bath and then strip SISSY bABy down to nothing in the nursery and walk her by the hand to the bathroom and place her in the bath, all the time reminding her of how sweet a SISSY bABy she is and how you love her so much. While washing her all over talking bABy talk to her and asking questions without waiting for an answer and going on to the next part. If you are happy to take SISSY bABy out in public, put on a set of bABy reigns and walk her through the shops, making sure her nappys are showing below her dress if she is dressed in a dress. This will bring out the ultimate embarrassment for SISSY bABy. Make sure that SISSY bABy can never have sexual relief by using very thick mittens on her hands. She will be crying for relief, but that is something for Mummy to decide if she should have it or not and when she can have it. Even bringing her to the point of climax and then pulling up her nappy and stopping the climax. Also keeping her in a chastity device will save a lot of cleaning up if SISSY bABy finds a way to get a climax. I am sure there are many other imaginative ways for you to embarrass in your own way. Already the entire situation as such is very humiliating. Alone the fact that a grown-up man is being incapacitated in all ways and gradually being transformed into a female infant is extremely shameful and can hardly be beat. The age is regressed to that of a preschooler, even pre-kindergarten, and her manhood is entirely denied.

It doesn’t matter what treatment is applied to SISSY bABy, it is completed in the most shameful and embarrassing way. For example, when Mummy does a nappy change she chastises and comments, on what she is doing. In this way it is implied, that baby really needs Mummy and is dependent on her. She could imply something like: “Oh dear! Did my little one wet her diapers again? You are so lucky that Mummy takes such good care of you.” This goes for everything like bathing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bringing the baby to the cot, whatever. Independent of how humiliating or unpopular a measurement is, Mommy always states it from a positive point of view. Everything that is done to the baby’s discomfort – in order to enforce a habit – is a necessity. Spreader pants or chastity belt, a cute SISSY outfit or an enema, all is only for the best of the SISSY bABy. This is communicated to her in the most convincing way.

Written by bABy Bunnykins 26th May 2022

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins,

All rights reserved.

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