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The Complete Training Guide For Adult bABy’s Part 3

bABy Bunnykins

Thai Adult bABy Nursery

Praising her, no matter whether it is big or small brings its own humiliating situation, as we mention praising her as a bABy for all the good things she has done well in her babyish or girlish manner and not trying to resort to her adult mere male self. The ways to do this are many but some like while feeding her, her bottle talking sweet baby talk to her while she drinks when giving her her dummy and she starts sucking correctly saying what a good girl she is and does bABy love her dum dum, does bABy love her baa baa, or when changing her nappy, saying oh look bABy’s wet herself, what a good bABy, bABy really does need her nap naps doesn’t she. Mummy will look after my precious SISSY bABy girl. bABy needn’t worry about anything Mummy is here for you. In this way, Mummy is confirming to her baby that she has given up all her adult habits and that she is progressing well on her training program to becoming a full-on SISSY bABy girl.

1. It is important that at all times she knows her status so having her dressed in frilly SISSY bABy dresses all the time with very thick terry cloth nappy’s and noisy plastic pants and Mummy should always show her each piece before dressing her, saying things like. Oh, how cute is this bABy, do you love this. Oh, this will look so cute on you baby. Mummy thinks this will make you look so cute when you meet aunty Susan this afternoon. It is also so good that whatever she is wearing looks ridiculous, a mere male dressed as a toddler SISSY bABy girl.

2. Where every SISSY bABy goes, there goes the smell of a little baby. At every nappy change or bath time bABy is encased in nursery smelling products, bubble baths for baby’s, scented baby powder, baby oil and whatever else you use to create that nursery smell. So whenever she goes past a beautiful woman, all they will smell is her baby smell as she looks and sees a mere male dressed as a toddler SISSY bABy.

3. Early bedtime is important. bABy’s don’t stay up late, they sleep a lot and so must have lots of naps. Depending on the age you want your SISSY bABy to be will be how many naps a day she will take. Taking naps and being checked and changed if needed before her nap reinforces the status of being a SISSY bABy. For bedtime, I think 7 pm at the latest really shows her that she is an infant and has no control over her life. When putting her to bed in her cot, it is important to read her a bABy story, something like My Potty Book for Girls to remind her that she has to be in nappys because she isn’t potty trained and that maybe soon Mummy will start potty training her.

4. Another scenario you can set up which will be very humiliating is to arrange for a group of your lady friends to come over for a dinner party or a movie party or other entertainment. When they all arrive have your SISSY bABy serve them drinks and explain while he is standing there why he is dressed as a SISSY bABy in bABy talk. She mustn’t use big people's talk. Or you could arrange a date with a friend, letting her know you are looking forward to having a long night with wonderful sex, and ask one of your girlfriends to bABy sit with her. This would be totally humiliating for her. Let her see, how you get styled for others in an attractive, perhaps even erotic outfit! You could go even further and have a new boyfriend and bring him home and have sex in the next room while she is in her cot, making lots of noise so she knows what is happening to his Mummy and that she will never have sex with Mummy unless she chooses so. Let her know, that while you will be out enjoying yourself, she will be securely in her bed, laying in the dark, just sucking her pacifier and holding her favourite doll! Make sure, she cannot leave the bed and do something else than being a baby trying to sleep! There are so many different scenarios that one can make up.

5. Having a regular babysitter that comes around to look after her when you go to work, shopping or out for some entertainment. Having a babysitter will really reinforce her baby status and allow Mummy time to go out and have some time to herself. It is good if the babysitter is young and pretty so that she feels the full force of the humiliation. Having a much younger woman change her nappy and get her ready for bed, give her a bath and feed her in the high chair, there isn’t much that could be more humiliating than that.

6. I mentioned this a bit before but this is my favourite activity to do to humiliate my Sissy bABy. Have my SISSY bABy present himself to Mummy’s female friends and watch as he squirms and tries to hide his SISSY bABiness. To be dressed in his most frilly dress and frilly panties which show under her dress which only covers ½ of her dress. Watch as your friends fuss over her and ask to change her nappy and cuddle her on their knees, or feed her, her bottle or burp her after her bottle. Having her nappy changed in front of a group of your lady friends is the most humiliating position you can put her in.

7. Oh how I love taking my Sissy bABy to the park to play on the swings, go down the slide or on the roundabout. Watching SISSY bABy squeal with delight as she comes down the slide is a sight to treasure so make sure you bring your mobile phone with you.

a. Take baby out dressed as a baby, this takes your SISSY bABy to another level. Having bABy in very thick terry nappy’s and plastic pants which can’t be hidden.

b. Stick her dummy in her mouth and lead her around a park or shopping centre

c. Put her in her reins and take her for a walk, can be in a park, the shops or just down the street. Make sure she knows you are in control and pull her back if she goes too far, thus showing her who is in control.

d. Take baby shopping for her nappys, make sure she is amply dressed in nappys that can’t be missed and make sure she presents the money to the cashier while you hold her hand, you can even say “good baby give the lady the money for your nappy’s”

e. When going out give baby a suppository and then have her soil her nappy while out and about. When discovering it announce loudly. “Oh I think someone has had an accident, haven’t you bABy?”

f. After the accident take her to the nearest baby change station at the department store and changer. Talking to her as you do saying things like. “bABy’s done a big poo poo, what a good baby. “Awwww does baby feel better now it’s all out.”

Basically, it is up to Mummy how far you want to take this. If you don’t feel comfortable with any part of this then adapt to your own situation. There is no right or wrong way of doing this, only Mummy’s choice. The main thing is to make your SISSY bABy totally under your control.

Please let me know what you think of this and my other posts, it is always nice to get comments good and bad as they make us grow.

bABy Bunnykins

Copy write Thai Adult bABy Nursery

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