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Things to know about the World of Adult Babies

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

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In this world, there are a myriad amount of sexual fetishes but none as interesting as that of adult babies. Many places adult babies into the BDSM scene but actually it is nothing to do with it some in this genre cross over into BDSM depending on their cross over fetishes. Adult babies remain mysterious in the world and seeing men and now women dressed up as babies invoke the thought they are paedophiles which is far from the truth. Many wonder what the cause of this fetish is, but it goes deep in some coming from trauma while for others there is no trauma in growing up and having had a loving family life with all that goes with it. ABs are very different from DLs and I will go into that in this article. For many ABs sex isn’t as important as role-playing and regression.

AB’s want to be Babies

There seems to be some stigma associated with being an AB and that is to do with the misconception that ABs are paedophiles, there isn’t any basis in this. In fact, ABs do not get involved with children but in fact, want to be a baby themselves. ABs engage in the play of being a baby and returning to that innocence that is being back in the nursery and being cared for by a loving mummy, nanny, governess or daddy free of any care or responsibilities and where they feel comfortable and loved. Some ABs enjoy being dominated by the mummy, others prefer to be forced to be a baby and yet others want to be sissies dressed up in frilly dresses and panties and yet others want to be shown off in public as the baby they are. As you can see there are a myriad of different subsections to the AB but they are completely different from the DL

DLs want to wear Nappies/Diapers

The DL is quite different and I’m not going to spend much time on them as it isn’t my field.

It seems people like to lump them with ABs but whereas an AB wants to regress to an actual baby, the DL is only interested in wearing and wetting or defecating into the nappy, they enjoy the company of others doing the same thing but are not interested in the paraphernalia of the AB.

The Term Paraphilic Infantilism and Practice Was Only Formally Recognized In The 1980’s.

The first known mention of infantilism was in the late 1800 by the neurologist Henry Meige but very little information on the practice back then if any. There were many letters back to the 50’s in fetish magazines about women keeping their men in nappies and treating them like babies but no real proof as there weren’t pictures in these magazines like there are now. AB’s came into their own in the 70s and 80s with magazines like DPF and Mummy Caroline which both had clothing and stories available for babies to read and clothes to buy. I myself joined DPF in the mid-’80s when I discovered them through a magazine I bought in a sex shop in Kings Cross Sydney Australia. DPF started sometime in the 70s and held parties, ran a magazine sent by snail mail and sold clothing and books. It was started by a guy called Tommy and went down around 2003 when Tommy died.

Some studies have been done that focused on the AB behaviour during the 60’s and 70’s and after some time infantilism was recognized by the American Physiological Association and was classified as Paraphilic infantilism or autonepiophilia and defined as experiencing sexual gratification and stimulation from behaving like a baby, usually involving the wearing of nappies and dressing up as a baby.

There Are Different Levels of AB’s. Some Will Immerse Themselves Completely In Infantilism.

When we look at AB’s we see a few variations of the theme. I for one like to completely immerse myself in my babyhood. This type of AB likes to be fully cared for by a caregiver and creates their own identity. They create an age group that they feel they are and live within that profile for instance 0 – 6 months, 0 – 12 months, 1 – 2 years old etc.

AB’s And Mommies for Role Playing

AB’s crave a caregiver whereas DL’s don’t need one as they are not looking for that bonding as a baby. There are many forms of caregivers. Back when I first started out and found out about other AB’s I didn’t see many female AB’s but now in the 2020’s we see 100’s if not thousands of AB’s and a lot of the baby girls. Now the girls are often looking for daddies while the straight AB is looking for a mummy/nanny/governess that loving or controlling person, whereas the female babies look for both, some look for a mummy and daddy, others just a mummy or daddy whereas the gay baby would look for a daddy that is gay. So we see the community split into different sexual areas. This brings in so many other aspects into the relationship of the AB.

Many of the those that see themselves as real AB’s will not want sex and see themselves purely as a baby, while others have a sexual aspect to their relationship both to the fetish and to the caregiver they have a relationship with.

Some will seek out a professional nursery such as Thai adult baby nursery where they can experience being a baby as they cannot find a caregiver.

Caregivers will do many things for the AB such as bathing, changing nappies, reading stories, engaging in baby talk and so much more.

AB’s Love Bottles and Toys in There Play

AB’s love everything that babies love, toys, bottles, nappies, baby powder, bubble baths, rattles, sippy cups, teddy bears and so much more. They love to sleep in cots/cribs or a rocking cradle, they suck on dummies/pacifiers and many may even suck their thumbs

Some believe AB’s that fully integrate into infantilism are looking for an attachment to their parents but as we mentioned earlier, some AB’s had traumatic experiences with their parents while others had loving caring experiences, yet both seek the same. So there is some form of attachment. What causes it is yet to be fully understood. I have examined mine and am yet to find out the cause. Whether or not the AB associates the exercise with a positive or negative relationship can affect if he or she receives pleasure from the experience.

A DL or Diaper Fetishists May Just Like The Feel And Convenience Of A Diaper

The DL is completely different, they have no need for toys, cots and the other items of an AB but like the feel and comfort of wearing a nappy. Their enjoyment is derived from wearing and wetting and pooping in them. Thus they are not part of the AB community but rather a sub-section

AB’s can be put into Subsets

AB’s come in all sizes and shapes and also as Sissy AB’s and those that break into the other sub sect such as being tied up, put into rubber clothing, bondage and servitude. Some like myself love to be breastfed. When an ABDL wears a diaper and takes on the gender role of the opposite sex, he or she is engaging in Sissy baby activities. ABDLs that like urine are urophilics, poop aficionados are coprophilics, and breast milk lovers are lactophilics.

Not all AB’s like Dirty Nappies

It isn’t a given that all AB’s wet and poop their nappies. I for one don’t like pooping that often but I do love wetting. I love the act of being changed by my mummy and being cared for. Those that wear disposables, may well not want to use them as much as they are expensive whereas those of us that wear cloth only have to wash them and once the initial cost is paid are relatively cheaper to use.

AB’s Don't See Any Reason To Change

Even though Paraphilic Infantilism has been added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders most AB’s don’t see any reason to stop. Many see it as a way of life and as it doesn’t really impact the ability to live a normal life such as working means they can enjoy in their spare time. Those that do see it as a disorder don’t tend to seek help and even when they do, as I have done, I have found that it doesn’t stop the feeling from coming and wanting to enjoy.

My last word is that if you are an AB then enjoy but don’t let it control your life. Being different isn’t wrong, but letting it control you is a danger. So Be Happy In You Nappy.

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins,

All rights reserved.

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