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UK Nursery

First I would like to thank everyone that has joined and visited this site over the last 1 year and it makes me feel very honoured to be part of this amazing community of AB's and DL's.

The new stroller which will go to Thailand when I go back

As you will notice for me I separate AB's from DL's due to the differences in their activities. I am and always will be an AB and I am not and can never be a DL because I like to play with toys, wear baby clothes and act like a baby. I love my mummy to change my nappy, bathe me and dress me.

On the other hand, a DL doesn't want to get into this side as they are only interested in wearing diapers for the feeling and sexual gratification that goes with it. I am generalizing here as there are many variations to our kink and nothing is black and white.

On to the title subject. I am investigating opening a nursery here in my house with my ex who used to be my mummy and will be the mummy at the nursery. She has a lot of experience with AB's and we ran the first ever nursery in Thailand which is still going with my now mummy who is over there.

One of my favorite beaches in Thailand where I am able to be the bABy I am.

This nursery is purely for the entertainment of AB;s and DL's if they are looking for a place to be able to experience their kink.

We cater to both Males and Females as I can and have been a daddy. I was a kindergarten teacher for 20 years in Thailand so know how to look after toddles and raised 2 children a boy and girl, both happily grown up and enjoying there own lives.

We are open 52 weeks of the year and offer a service that while costing a lot for your ticket to Thailand, once here we are cost effective at $250 a day, this includes food, accommadtion with Mummy and Nanny. To book for a visit to Thailand please click the booking link below.

By bABy Bunnykins

While at the nursery you can have new baby clothes made to fit you, Mummy is a dressmaker and makes all my baby clothes.

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