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What it is like in Thailand

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

By bABy Bunnykins

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins, , 2023.

All rights reserved.

Huggie with Mummy Na

Thailand is basically a poor country with a lot of beautiful people. It is divided by the haves and the have nots the same as any country in the world but it is a glaring gulf where Bangkok hosts the wealthy while the poor live in all the villages dotted around the country.

Having said that. I have found the Thai people to be very friendly and caring, having had 2 mummies in Thailand, I'm not going to go into the reasons why I split with one.

Now, I read all the time that bABies want a mummy but are not prepared to pay for having one, but the reality is, even if you find a mummy there is some form of payment as money has to be earned, food bought, nappies paid for and so on. So my question then is. Who will pay for all this? The mummy or you?

I have always been happy to support my mummy as she looks after me and I am able to work and earn more money than her. In return I have the love and attention of my mummy and even her family.

Mummy Mac showing off my nappy bag in the restaurant

Nanny behind mummy for breastfeeding

As you can see by many of my pictures there are different women around me besides mummy and I even have a nanny when I am there to help mummy. I feel like one of the luckiest bABies in the world. We go out places and I am always dressed in nappies and infant style clothing. Mummy takes me to the supermarket dressed as a baby in a harness so I can't run away. Sometimes we go with our friends and they control the harness while mummy goes shopping or takes photos of me being humiliated in public.

Mummy Na, She loves bABies

Mummy will take me into the toy shop where a young Thai gilr is serving and start asking questions about toys to suit me or baby clothes. Mummy has even asked if the girl would work in the nursery and most have said yes. It is obviose they will earn a lot money, wages in Thailand are very low.

I love going to the beach and playing in the sand with mummy looking after me. We take photos and have lots of fun.

Being a baby can be so much fun and that is why we have the nursery in Thailand. Here you can relax and be a baby without having to worry about judgement. The nursery is based on love.

bABy Bunnykins

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins, , 2023.

All rights reserved.

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Comments (10)

comme vous j'aime me faire laver les fesses et le zizi pommadé et poudré mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte plastique a pression

Eugene Chua
Eugene Chua
Jun 16

can the session be hosted at my service apartment

If you are not opening...why is Mark Anthony Young of Elite AB Clinic, formally of failed business Easy Sell It Ltd, saying he is opening on May 2nd...with you?

Clearly showing your new stroller in his clinic!

J'aimerai me faire langer par une maman laver les fesse poudrer et mettre une couche en tissus et une culotte en plastique a pressions bisous a toutes la famille ABDL

Replying to

Come to the nursery and you can have this experience.

Phillip Arnott
Phillip Arnott
Dec 23, 2022

cant wait to come in february

Replying to

Thank you Phillip it was really nice having you at the nursery. We have taken on board some of your ideas. The nannies and mummy enjoyed your stay.

I have a craving,urge to be humiliated in public. Dressed in the sillyest frillyest,little gurl adult baby clothes. This will be a huge challenge for me,but a drug that i craveand need. I am sure that it will be a challenge for Nanny too,for which i am willing to pay, But i am not rich so i'l start saving my money

I am a female adult baby girl and I am still looking for mommy for a daddy, uncle or educator who will be loving, but also very strict if necessary, who will take care of me and take care of me, i.e. put my pacifier and bottle in thick diapers, give me my bedtime , speak possibly in the cot, fixed me when changing the diaper if necessary to smear my pussy better thick with Penaten cream …. And and and , would you be interested ?

Wow I will save my money

to go and be your sissy baby

in clothe and plastic panties!

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