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Why do so many AB’s ask is it safe to wear in public

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

By bABy Bunnykins

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All rights reserved.

I have noticed on sites such as Fetlife that the question comes up. “If I wear outside under my clothes will I be noticed?”

Now I have been an adult baby for over 55 years and in all that time, no one has ever commented on me wearing a nappy under my clothes. If you know my history, I only wear terry-towelling nappies and not un-disposables. That is a story for another day.

So I have to buy trousers and shorts that fit over my nappy and plastic pants. The only times I get comments and this is in Thailand is when I am out with my mummy wearing my nappies and baby clothes. In all the time I have been doing that in Thailand and I lived there for 20 years, I never had a bad reaction or comment bar 1. The funny thing about the only comment I got that was strange but not really bad was from a Ladyboy at the coach station when I was wearing a pair of denim shortalls and a very thick nappy underneath. I don’t remember the words but I found it really funny considering s/he was wearing a dress etc.

RIP bABy Brother

The thing about going out with a nappy/diaper on under your clothes is that unless it is showing, no one will know especially in the west and if they do notice most likely will just think you are fat around the bottom or incontinent if they are aware of that type of thing.

Most ABs overthink everything because they are scared and also because they are insecure about getting caught. I have been outed on a couple of occasions and even outed myself to my workmates by mistake when posting some videos of mummy and I playing mummy and baby on video. It was very difficult but once I explained to everyone about it, 99% stayed my friend and in fact understood that it was just a kink and nothing dangerous.

With the way the world is going, I see all sexual deviations being accepted more and more and it will only be sometime before we get accepted as we are. Governments around the world are forcing people to accept all types of changes in sexual and mental differences and it will I hope happen for us.

What you have to understand with wearing outside under your clothes is, it’s no one else's business but yours, I don’t know about other countries, but I suspect it’s the same as in the UK, no one can ask you for information about your medical conditions so if you were asked all you have to say is that you have a medical condition that requires you to wear nappy’s/diapers. Then the conversation is over.

The other part of this is the fantasy that people hope someone will see their nappy/diaper and take them home to be their baby. I love this fantasy but in reality, I doubt that would happen, but if it did then that would be fantastic. I will do a post on finding mummies. The way I see AB’s post I want a mummy, will in most cases just turn any potential mummy off. But that is for another time.

Note: The bABy in the picture used to visit our nursery 3 times a year for 2 weeks at a time. But he has now passed away, He was from Norway and a very successful Engineer. RIP

This is bABy Bunnykins saying Happy Nappy Day to all.

Stay happy in your nappy.

Copyright © Baby Bunnykins,

All rights reserved.

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