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A day at the Water Park for bABy

Every day at the nursery is a fun day, we take you out on outings to see places and go swimming.

We know that bABies are active so we will take you to places where you can be active, there are parks with slides to go to, Water parks and visits to the Cambodian boarder to meet Mummy Na and visit some of the National Parks that run along the river between Cambodia and Thailand. At the moment fear is rife due to Covid so going into Cambodia seem difficult.

There are shopping centers where baby can be lead around in his harness dressed as a baby.

Do you want to be tied up and left to sleep in the cot, we can oblige and mummy loves seeing you incapacitated so mummy can make sure you are being a good baby.

Notice the chains around the ankles and well tied up with coloured rope. This will stop any naughty bABy from escaping the nursery to get up to bad things.

As you can see we accept and will explore fantasies with you but at the nursery there is no sexual contact, so please we don't want any missunder standings. Nanny and Mummy ae both in relationships.

For more information on the nursery you can contact bABy Bunnykins by message babybunnykins @ gmail . com and bABy Bunnykins will answer all your questions.

Have a great day bABies and come and visit, we will spoil you rotten

bABy Bunnykins

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